Best lightbox for drawing tracing and copying

how to use lightbox for drawing tracing and design workUsing  lightboxes for drawing tracing  designing and precision work makes life much easier! If you have ever wondered how to use a lightbox don’t worry.  it is simplicity itself.  

What is a lightbox?

A light box is a backlit screen used when artists and crafters want to copy or trace a design. Commonly used for creating drawings used in arts and crafts, a drawing light box provides an easier way to copy pictures.

Comic book artists also like to use light boxes to allow for exact replication of pictures. This allows the artists to make changes in movement or action whole portraying a consistent view of the characters.  

Simply place the design you wish to copy on the lightbox and overlay a sheet of tracing / paper.  The light underneath allows you to see the pattern on the sheet below so you can copy with ease.

Photo slides can also be better viewed with a light box, making a clearer view of the subjects. Designers also find that light boxes allow for a backdrop of a floor plan upon which a variety of components can be placed, lending a better view of the layout. Quilters have found that the light box allows for a more exact design copy for tracing patterns. This is important for the precise nature of quilting.

Scrapbookers also find that laying their page designs over the background gives them a better view of the possible end results before gluing down pieces to their pages.

Using  lightboxes for drawing tracing designing and precision work makes life much easier!  

The following top customer rated light boxes offered in the art and craft supply world:

huion l4s tracing light box usb powered using lightboxes for drawingHuion L4S Tracing Light Box

Perfect and bright illumination is vital when using a light box. It is also very important to be to have adjustable lighting.

When using lightboxes for drawing it is very helpful to be able to adjust for perfect sight and personal visual needs. The Huion® L4S Tracing Light Box offers these features. It is only 5.1mm thick, offering even, bright, and uniform illumination with an 1100 Lux level of brightness.

This light box is equipped with a USB cable, allowing for simply powering this light box from a computer, wall outlet (with a USB plug), or Power Bank. The design offers a 12 by 8-inch surface for working, is light in weight (0.60kg), and portable. The warranty is for one year, a manual is provided and support is readily available.

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artograph light tracer light box 10 inch by 12 inchArtograph Light Tracer Light Box

The LightTracer light box comes with a 10 by 12-inch opaque and the slanted working screen surface. Used for replication of art by tracing, it can be used with a large variety of paper thickness.

This is one of the most commonly used lightboxes for drawing, tracing, greeting card creating, scrapbooking, children’s art projects, tracing complex designs, and more. It is lightweight, easily portable, and has a brightness for easy viewing of projects.

The surface maintains a comfortable temperature, important for long-term use. Even working on larger projects can be accomplished by breaking down the larger project into sections. Complete with a provided cardboard case this is a sturdy light box and it has a handle.

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usa art supply lightmaster lightboxes for drawing sketching and tracingUS ART SUPPLY Lightmaster – one of the larger sized lightboxes for drawing sketching and tracing

The US ART SUPPLY Lightmaster light box offers a 12 by 17-inch surface for working plus a 21.25-inch working diagonal surface. The actual size is a diagonal frame size of 24.3 inches and a 15 by 19.5-inch frame size.

This is a 12 volt and 8 watts LED light box board has adjustable brightness. This comes with an 110V AC power adapter. Included, as well, is a measuring overlay grid and a circle template or protractor.

There is a one-year warranty. Lamps have a 50,000-hour life and are maintenance free. Suggested uses are stencilling, 2D animation, lettering, embossing, sketching, drawing, tattoo transferring, stained glass guide, sewing projects, quilting and more.

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Litup L Lightbox - one of the larger sized lightboxes for drawing sketching and tracingLitup L Lightbox 

The Litup L light box comes with a large area for working up professional animations, tracing tattoos, crafting, designing fabrics, photographs, film, and transferring slides.

It can be used for tracing, indoor and outdoor designing as well as drawing. Stained glass layouts, scrapbooking, calligraphy, transferring and sketching can all be accomplished with this light box. It can also be used to view x-rays.

The working area is a sizable 18.86 by 14.21 surface with a thickness of 0.31 inch. There is an active acrylic panel area of 16.93 by 12.20 inches. The transport weight is a light 1.65KG. Brightness is easily adjustable and eyesight is protected with LED flicker free lamps.

This light box comes with an 18-month warranty, 50,000 lamp hours, voltage is DC 5V, 3W related power, and comes complete with a lengthy USB cable. This version can be plugged into a wall charger, power bank or computer.

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dbmier a2 led ultra thin light tracer artcraft tracing light pad light box 12 60 x 20Dbmier A2 LED Light Box

This ultra thin Dbmier A2 LED Light Box is a LED light box which is very thin, portable, and durable. There are three levels of adjustable brightness, making this ideal for stenciling, calligraphy, and scrapbooking.

The Dbmier is also great for transferring tattoos, 2D animation, drawing, sewing projects, quilting, editing of negatives, stained glass design, quilting, and X-ray viewing.

The LED lighting offers up to 50,000 hours of light. This light box comes with a 12V DC adapter, manual, and an 18-month warranty. The active area is 12.20 by 16.93 inches with a weight of 3.9 pounds. The power cord is 78.74 inches in length. For complete safety, the panel is made of 100% Japanese Mitsubishi acrylics environmental material.

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Which are the best lightboxes for drawing tracing and design work for crafters and artists?

There are several light boxes which are similar. If looking for a cheap lightbox for drawing and crafting the lowest priced of the above light boxes is the Artograph LightTracer. Next to this would be the Huion® L4S Tracing Light Box. Either would be great for general use.

If looking for something more versatile, the US ART SUPPLY Lightmaster would be the better choice. Any of the drawing light box selections listed would be great, depending on individual needs. It really depends on how extensive the needs are of the light box user.