Tormek T4 Water Cooled Sharpening System

Having looked at the various options the Tormek T4 Water Cooled Sharpening System provided the best comprehensive system all round.  Yes there are other cheaper grinding systems on the market but when you look at the whole package this is the best investment if you are serious about your craft.

After considering all the competition I bit the bullet and bought  the machine . I didn’t opt for the whole system which comes with several jigs for different tool sharpening as this was considerably more expensive and I have no need for all the attachments that came with it.  

Instead I bought two specific jigs and I was good to go.

The machine requires very little to get up and running.  The grinding wheel needs to be attached as does the jig bar and water trough.  The package comes with a very easy to follow quick set up guide and an in depth guide to the machine and all jig attachments in a very high quality DVD (included).

The leather honing wheel needs to be prepped before initial use and there is a tube of light oil and honing paste included.

Tormek T-4 sharpening system

A jig set up template is attached to the front of the machine by magnets which is detachable and can be used to set up any scenario for sharpening so that the exact angle and distance for the item to be sharpened can be calculated. 


This ensures razor sharp edges to your tools and also takes the minimum layer of metal off the tool in the process. 


A double sided stone is included with a coarse and smooth side.  This is used to maintain the grinding stone flat with the option for a coarse or smooth surface.

Tormek T-4 sharpening system

The water trough detaches from the machine allowing you to  empty and clean the trough easily and quickly.  The trough can be topped up while attached to maintain the wheel wet at all times.

Tormek T-4 sharpening system

Whether you are sharpening flat edge chisel, Gouge chisels, drill bits, scissors , knives, gardening tools or a host of other DIY equipment for your hobbies this system is perfect. It has the jigs available so you get an absolutely professional finish and plenty of expert guidance on how to set it up and set each jig accurately.  As I said – it is not the cheapest option on the market but after looking at the alternatives I decided to get the best and am delighted that I did.

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