Podcast #2 Kirsty Elson – Cornish Driftwood Artist

kirstyelsondriftwoodsculpture002When an e-mail Ad’ from pinterest  featuring Kirsty Elson’s work appeared on the laptop it immediatly caught my eye.  Kirsty’s miniature Cornish harbours created from local driftwood are a joy to behold.  

The UK’s Cornish coastline is peppered with quaint harbours, dramatic coastline and steeped in the history of smugglers and pirates – an ideal backdrop for any creative mind.  


Unlike most artists Kirsty forages on the beaches of Cornwall and in a local market for her craft supplies, most of which are totally free.  


She lets the materials provide the inspiration and I can think of no better way of being creative – using naturally sourced products that cost nothing found on some of the most spectacular coastal areas in the UK!

kirsty-elson-headI was lucky enough to be able to chat with her in this short podcast made via a Skype link in  early September 2016.  

Kirsty discusses her journey from a small child with a love of art, through Cambridge University, family life and eventually to Liskeard in Cornwall where she works from home and of course searching the coastline for inspiration.

For me she has the dream job of being able to seamlessly integrate family life with artistic work producing stunning art from recycled wood and other quirky objects.

KIRSTY ELSONKirsty produces beautifully crafted art that looks deceptively simplistic.  However it takes artistic brilliance to combine each component part of the scene  into something so magical.

I am sure you will enjoy the interview with an artist who says that she wouldn’t change a thing and is quite happy with the way her career in art has unfolded.

Listen to the Podcast with Kirsty Elson Here…

Scroll through a selection of Kirsty Elson’s Work

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If you would like to see more of Kirsty Elsons work please follow the links below:

Kirsty Elson – Upcoming Events


If you would like to see some of Kirsty Elsons superb craftwork she will be showing at the Contemporary Craft Festival in Bovey Tracey, Devon from 9-11th June 2017 www.craftsatboveytracey.co.uk