Podcast #3 – Lynne Chapman Illustrator and Urban Artist

lynne chapman illustrator of childrens booksLynne Chapman is probably best known for illustrating 30 children’s books.  I first came across her brilliant artwork in picture books that my children read. She packs emotion into every page so that children really live and breathe the story.  

More recently I have rediscovered her art again on Youtube and started to dig deeper.  I soon found that there is far more to Lynne as an artist and what I found was very impressive.

I am currently writing and illustrating my own childrens picture book.  It is not as easy as it sounds to really make the characters jump off the page and to tell the story with plenty of action and expression.  One of the most useful courses I have ever bought is Lynne’s ‘Expressive Picture Book Characters’.  

expressive picture book characters lynne chapman

In a series of high quality video tutorials Lynne breaks down the process of creating expression in childrens book illustration with examples of her own work.  It is an excellent course which I highly recommend to novice and experienced illustrators alike.  I have been drawing cartoons for over 50 years but still gained so much from her course that it was worth every penny. You can find Lynne’s Expressive Picture Book Characters on Craftsy.com

Urban Sketching


Urban Sketching is  a fascinating  strand of art where the artist gets out and about to visually record what they can see.  It really appeals to Lynne as she enjoys the interaction with the people she meets when on location and other artists. Some artists are introverted and like to work alone but Lynne Chapman absolutely loves talking to people and is definitely a ‘people person’ as you will hear when you listen to the podcast interview.  If you ever get the chance to work with her on her Urban Sketching projects I am sure it will be a really enjoyable experience.  The next time I venture ‘Up North’ in the UK I will try to attend one of her tutorials.

Lynne Chapman Urban Artist and Children’s Book illustrator Gallery 

Life as an artist can be particularly lonely especially if you spend most of your time in a studio. Urban art is a fantastic way of meeting like minded artists, developing your artistic talent and also creating an ever building reference library.


LYNNE CHAPMAN ARTISTLynne Chapman also has a background in fabric art and is currently involved in a project at the Orchard Centre in Sheffield, UK displaying some really beautiful creations, combining print, fabric, paint and stitching.


Lynne kindly gave up some of her valuable time to talk to me about her intriguing art career which has evolved into something that really is special.  

Listen to the podcast here… 

LYNNE CHAPMANLynne Chapman – Contact details:

Email: contact@lynnechapman.co.uk

Or join Lynnes mailing list: https://eepurl.com/cYVDGb

Lynnes Websites:

www.lynnechapman.net – urban sketching / reportage website

www.lynnechapman.co.uk – book illustration website

https://lynnechapman.blogspot.co.uk – blog (mix of both, and more)

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