Best Craft Knife brand for your hobby

best-craft-knife-blade-image5 top rated Craft Knives 

Most hobby projects involve some form of cutting, trimming, and slicing and you need the best craft knife possible to do the job. Sometimes scissors just don’t make the cut. Those giant scissors that Grandma used are cumbersome and difficult to handle.

A precision craft knife is much more practical. The best craft knife for paper cutting will cut easier and make cleaner edges. But they can also be used on a slew of different types of materials.

Their uses don’t stop with just crafts. They can be used for multiple purposes – bookbinding, wood carving, stenciling – and can be utilized by a large variety of people including hobbyists, artists, designers, and crafters.  If you are looking for the best craft knife take a look at these five highly rated blades that are a cut above the rest!

friskars-soft-grip-craft-knifeFiskars Softgrip Craft Knife by Fiskars

When focusing on those tiny intricate details, it helps to have a precision craft knife that doesn’t strain or fatigue your hand. Holding a standard knife with the common cylindrical handle can cause fingers to cramp and wrist muscles to strain.

This knife has a comfortable ergonomically designed handle so you can use it for longer periods of time without the muscle strain. It fits nicely in an adult’s hand and efficiently cuts through paper, felt, cloth, chipboard, and other lightweight material.

When the blades become dull, they are easy to replace. When not in use, utilize the safety cap to safeguard the blades. It fits snugly over the blades, so it won’t accidentally come off. The company also offers a lifetime warranty on the knife (not the blades).

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friskars-finger-tip-best-craft-knifeFiskars Fingertip Craft Knife by Fiskars

Those craft projects that require lots of control during the cutting process can be difficult to complete with the wrong knife.

Try slipping your finger into the “finger loop” on this precision craft knife that was designed to provide maximum control for those complex cuts. It’s just like holding a pencil which helps to possibly make it the best craft knife for paper cutting. The handle is shaped to fit nicely into your hand while your finger rests comfortably in the ergonomically designed loop.

Rotary cutters don’t cut very smoothly and are hard to exert much control over. This knife has a design that puts you in control. So cutting patterns, delicate stencils, and following designs with tight spaces is easier and faster. Plus the sculpted finger loop design helps prevent the knife from rolling.

Slicing and cutting through paper, cloth, overlays, and other lightweight material can be done with clean straight lines for pristine results. The #11 blade is quite sharp, so be sure to use the plastic safety cap (included) when not in use to avoid any accidents.

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X-ACTO-X3252-Designer-Series-Gripster-KnifeX-ACTO X3252 Designer Series Gripster Knife, Pink by X-Acto

Not all crafting material is easy to slice through. This X-Acto knife can smoothly penetrate through cloth, film, balsa, paper, acetate, mat board, foam board, plastic, and even thin sheet metal. Cutting thicker material can wreak havoc on your hands.

The handle of this knife is rubberized for a more comfortable grip, and the frame is made of lightweight aluminum. You can hold the knife longer and with more control which produces amazingly accurate results. It also boasts a rear blade release.

Cropping photos and cutting tiny designs for a scrapbook page suddenly becomes fun and easy. The tightener is located at the back end of the handle to eliminate the possibility of accidently loosening the blade while in use.

It uses the #11 carbon steel blade which is common for craft knives because it has a fine point for tackling meticulous cut-outs. It also stays sharp longer than some other blades. A plastic safety cap fits securely over the blade for protection while in storage.

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Westcott-best-craft--Knife-Titanium-5-Assorted-BladeWestcott 15154 Hobby Knife Titanium 5 Assorted Blade, Purple by Westcott

Hobbyists, crafters, and artists will love using this precision craft knife. Enjoy the solid grip of this knife handle encased in thick rubberized material that offers considerable control even when applying extensive pressure.

The thicker handle means less hand fatigue during prolonged use. The titanium bonded blades are thinner than regular blades so they are sharper and are useful for designs with lots of closely spaced cutouts.

Your projects will progress smoothly since these blades can cut meticulous designs quickly and accurately. They also resist rusting better than other blades.

A separate blade carrier is included and is stocked with five assorted blades. The contoured safety cap slides over the blade to protect from accidental cuts while keeping it sharp until your next project.

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ELMERS-X-Acto-13-Blades-in-Zippered-Storage-CaseELMERS X-Acto 13 Blades in Zippered Storage Case, Black (X5285) by Elmers

A well-known craft knife brand, Elmer’s created this set that includes three knives (#1, 2, 5), 13 interchangeable carbon and steel-sharpened blades, and a water resistant, nylon, soft compression zipper case to keep everything neatly organized.

The knives slide into their slots while the blades are secured in place by tiny magnets.

The smaller knives are excellent tools for cutting lightweight material while the larger can tackle thicker heavier materials. Cutting wood, paper, cardboard, foam board, cloth, plastic, and more is easily accomplished with this set.

The handles are lightweight, yet sturdy and handle pressure well. You won’t be limited in the types of cutting and trimming you can do because the blades come in a variety of types including a straight edge, fine point, the standard general purpose blade, and scoring blades.

An instruction booklet is included explaining how to use each knife.

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best-craft-knifeWhich is the best craft knife for your hobby?

Hobbyists, crafter, designers, and wood carvers all have one thing in common – they need knives that can cut accurately, quickly, and easily. Probably the best craft knife for paper cutting, try the Fiskars Fingertip Craft Knife which offers the control necessary for getting those tiny cuts for stenciling and decoupage just right. If you’re looking for a little more, the Elmer’s X-Acto set could be the solution. Whether you’re making wooden models or cutting paper for book binding, this set can be used for lightweight cutting as well as heavier material.