Left handed scissors

Left hand scissors for left handed creatives!


You would think that a pair of scissors is for anyone?  Perhaps you think this as you may be right handed and if you do – you would be wrong.  Left handed people form around 10% of the population and are sometimes overlooked  when it comes to tools and gadgets. Hand held tools are predominantly for the right handed market – so what about the poor old lefties – are there a left handed scissors? 

For a left handed crafter the correct tools to suit their left handed bias is essential.  Left handed scissors are particularly important to ensure an accurate cut every time.  

                  Right handed scissors

What is the difference between right and left handed scissors?

You would think that you only have to turn a pair of scissors over to make them left handed?  It doesn’t work and here’s why.  

When you hold your right handed scissors and make a cut the lower blade is on your inside and the upper blade is your outside.  This allows you to have a full view of the cut as you make it because you have a clear view of both  blades where they intersect.  If you turn the scissors upside down it doesn’t revers the position of the blades to your eye.

The other factor is that your thumb pushes the lower blade towards the upper blade which maintains the shearing action.

When a left handed person uses a pair of right handed scissors the lower blade is on their outside and the upper blade on their inside obscuring the intersection of the cut.  They also push the blades apart slightly, making the cut less effective as the shearing action of the blades is reduced.

left handed scissors cutting paper image
Left handed scissors with the lower blade on the inside and the upper blade on the outside allowing the left handed person a clear view of the cutting edges.

If you don’t believe me take a pair of scissors and put them in your left hand and try cutting a piece of paper.

Left handed scissors are constructed specifically for left handed use so that there is full view of the cut and the shearing action is optimised.. 

Where can I buy a pair of left handed scissors?

Most good hardware stores and craft shops sell left handed scissors.  However there is a good choice of left handed scissors on line and Amazon stock the main quality brands.

Which are the best left handed scissors to buy for craft use? 

                     Friskers left handed scissors – precision, quality and comfort

There are several excellent brands on Amazon.  

  • The Friskars ‘Lefty Scissors’ are excellent and designed specifically for left handers.  Friskars are well known for producing premium quality knives and scissors and the ‘lefty range’ will give you a precision tool to use on your craft work.
  • Red Dot dress makers scissors are a larger left handed ‘shear’ type ideal for cutting through fabric.  These are also high quality and are very highly rated by Amazon customers.
  • Westcott School Left Handed Kids Scissors are ideal for kids who are left handed and come in a variety of very attractive colors that children will love.  These five inch scissors are perfect for small and medium work and offer precision stainless steel blades.  Well built and durable for little hands.
  • ELITE Point True Left Hand scissors are quite pricey but offer razor sharp blades for accurate work.

If you would like to see more recommended left handed scissors our review of scissors for left handed crafters gives the the heads up on what is available and which left handed scissors really cut the mustard!