Quilling supplies for beginners

Creations Forest Buddies Quilling supplies KitQuilling supplies – 5 great Paper Quilling Kits for Beginners

The craft of quilling has been around since the 14th century. A common pastime that adults and children could do since it’s relatively easy to learn and inexpensive. Quilling was introduced to the Americas in the colonial era and has now become a mainstream craft hobby.  In modern day quilling we have readily accessible and inexpensive quilling supplies in kit form, ideal for beginners.

So what is quilling? It’s the process of rolling narrow pieces of material, such as paper, into delicate folds or coils.  These are arranged to create an elegant and detailed artwork by using specific paper quilling equipment.

Paper is rolled, shaped, and then glued together to create different types of designs. It can be extremely time consuming, but a wonderful way to relax. It’s a great way to jazz up a scrapbook or create personalized invitations.

Children, teens, adults, beginners, and experts can all enjoy the benefits of quilling. It’s easy to learn, very affordable and positive way to de-stress. Quilling allows you to create any type of design or pattern you wish. There are no boundaries as to what you can create.

Quilled-Creations-Beginner-Quilling-supplies-KitQuilled Creations Beginner Quilling Supplies Kit 

Get a phenomenal introduction to a unique craft with this quilling supplies kit for beginners. The basic tools to get acquainted with quilling are included and neatly arranged in a sturdy plastic box. It is similar to a child’s pencil box or a fishing tackle box and has separate compartments.

Use the individual sections to separate and organize your paper and tools. First time quillers can relax. All the materials required for paper quilling are included. There are about 50 strips of paper beckoning you to manipulate them into elegant pieces of filigree.

Not sure what to make? First year wedding anniversary gifts are great paper quilling projects. The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow and outline the steps for basic beginner projects. It’s not a kit for professionals, but beginners will love it.

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Quilling-supplies-Kit-Assorted-Colors-and-SizesQuilled Creations Flower Sample Quilling Supplies Kit 

Do you already have the materials required for paper quilling but need more ideas? Enjoy a book of simple yet creative designs with easy-to-follow instructions. Choose from flowers, alphabet letters, animals, Christmas, baby, cupcake, bug designs, and more.

You’ll be able to experiment with different shapes of paper quilling as the book guides you through each step. It’s fun, easy, and a great craft to indulge in on a rainy day.

Get the youngsters involved as they learn how to make their own handmade art pieces. It helps them develop new motor skills while providing a perfect opportunity to spend quality time with the little ones.

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Alvin-QC400-Beginner-Quilling-supplies-Kit-W-caseAlvin QC400 Beginner Quilling Supplies Kit W-case 

When it comes to quilling kits for beginners, this is definitely worth the money. All the necessary paper quilling equipment is included and secured inside a handsome plastic box as well as detailed instructions.

But the perk is that this kit contains a pack of assorted cards and gift tags. All supplies are organized in their individual compartments. If you wish to make a set of invitations to your child’s birthday party, you’ll be one step ahead with this kit.

Paper quill some balloons and glue them to the included cards. Quill a holiday ornament, wrap it up, and use the included gift tag.

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Quilling-supplies-Kits-Collection-with-Colors...Quilling Supplies Kit Collection with Colors Mixed Quilling Paper, Work Board, Slotted Tools, Pins 

This is a great collection of paper quilling equipment, designs, instructions, 240 strips of paper, and a work board that beginners and more experienced quillers will find irreplaceable.

The design work board has different shapes of paper quilling cutouts to help you create circles, tear drops (or rain drops), hearts, or triangles. Quilling reduces tension and nervousness and is a terrific outlet for a person who needs relax after a long week.

The design work board motivates your inner creativeness, and you’ll be surprised at just how inventive you can become. There’s no storage box with this kit, but one can be purchased separately.

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Quilled-Creations-Forest-Buddies-Quilling-supplies-KitQuilled Creations Forest Buddies Quilling Supplies Kit

Who doesn’t love cute and cuddly baby animals? Create your very own forest and populate it with happy furry critters with this quilling kit for beginners. Wiggly eyes, paper, and instructions are all you need to get your woodland buddies to come to life. Create raccoons, squirrels, deer, foxes, bears, and porcupines.

For even more creativity, paint or draw a scenic background for your animal friends and hang it on the wall in the nursery. Children will love crafting their very own Sherwood Forest and gluing googly eyes onto a baby deer. Teaching them paper quilling techniques will help to develop cognitive skills while they focus on their paper porcupine.

No paper quilling equipment is provided in this kit, so they will have to be purchased separately.

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quilling supplies paperWhich quilling supplies kit is best for you?

Paper quilling allows you to create unique embellishments for handmade cards, scrapbooks, or a framed piece of art for the foyer.

If you’re looking for a unique gift for a baby shower, the Quilled Creations Forest Buddies Quilling Supplies Kit provides a solid foundation for a beginner to make a one-of-a-kind baby gift.

Or if this is your very first attempt, try the Quilled Creations Beginner Quilling Supplies Kit. It has all the basic beginner tools and easy instructions to get you started and acclimated to the world of paper quilling.