15 DIY things to make out of wood pallets

things to make out of wood

House, garden and patio furniture made from pallets

Wooden pallets are a really cheap way of making some really handy wood projects. You can get used pallets for free from a local merchant.  In fact they may even be delighted that you are taking old pallets off their hands!

So when you have got some pallets to recycle what can you make?  Here are some great ideas from  Greg Stamate (see the video at the end of this article) which are often not too far from the original pallet design.  You can repurpose the pallets quite easily into useful home and garden furniture, storage containers, Play dens, racks and much, much more!

wood pallet decorating ideas – wall panelling

With careful selection of repurposed pallet panels get looking wall boarding can be created.  You can always paint, stain or varnish the panels to get a finish that matches your desired decor.

wood pallet decorating ideas wall boarding

Pallet Patio Furniture – Pallet Wood Cabinets for Storage

Attractive recycled wooden bench and clever use of pallets for garden storage – where to put those patio seat covers and drapes!  An additional feature could be a roll over waterproof top to the storage unit.

Pallet Wood Cabinets and bench

Cool Wood Projects – Re-purposed Pallet Flooring

Wood is wood! no matter where you source it.  This just proves that you can still save heaps of money by thinking outside the box.  With some careful wood selection, planing and staining you can put in a really nice looking floor from recycled pallets.  This will take a fair few pallets and you need to make sure the wood thickness matches in all of the wood you repurpose.

cool wood projects wooden pallets recycle flooring


Wooden Pallet bed

Bed frame, headboard and some cupboards all out of reclaimed pallet wood.  A bit too rustic perhaps?  Perhaps it could be improved with some paint, stain or varnish but cleverly put together and very effective.

recycled wooden pallet bed headboard cupboard


Patio Furniture Made out of Pallets

These garden seats have been planed and stained and look really professional.  Note the matching raised bed in the background. 

furniture made out of pallets recycled garden seats

Repurposed pallet wood to create a checking patio and some really attractive and functional garden seating. An impressive way to give yourself a sociable external leisure space!



Pallet Building Ideas – Children’s Play House

What kid wouldn’t love this garden den house?  A bit more complicated to make with the wooden pallets completely taken apart and repurposed.  But well worth the effort and at a fraction of what it would cost to either have made or buy off the shelf!  

Just need to make sure each piece is well sanded to keep splinters out of little fingers!

pallet building ideas children garden play den


Interior furniture made from pallets

Stylish wooden music rack to store your retro CD collection.  With careful selection of the wood sections, some sanding to get a nice flat surface and a touch of varnish this creates a great piece.

furniture made from pallets cd music racks

Top half of a wooden pallet with sofa wheels and a light oak stain and you have a low level lounge table to slide around the room.  A variation could be to keep part of the bottom pallet section to provide a storage section underneath for magazines and books.

furniture made from pallets coffee table on casters

How much would 16 wall shelves set you back.  adorned with plants they really look the biz!  These are made from several pallet end pieces and are screw/fixed to the wall.

pallets recycle into plant shelves


Raised Garden Bed Made from Reclaimed Pallet Wood

One of the easier projects to lift your vegetable plot to a manageable level.  A raised bed in any garden not only looks good but allows you to grow plants and vegetables that wouldn’t survive otherwise.  A fairly easy project with stakes driven into the ground at equal intervals and simply screw to fix the wooden panels.  If you want it to look more appealing you could paint, stain or varnish the boards to give them an eye catching finish.

reclaimed pallet wood recycled into raised vegetable beds

Other Reclaimed Wood Projects

Wall mounted/ chain suspended pot and pan rack – rustic, functional and easy to make and install.  The back end piece is secured by screws/fixings into the wall and the front end suspended form the wall or ceiling by chains.  You could improve the look with paint, stairs or varnish is you are not happy with the plain ‘wood look’


Not my favourite recycling job but hey! beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  This garden table with integral bench seating is a functional piece of outdoor furniture.  It costs next to nothing so who am I to complain about how it looks.  Perhaps a lick of paint, varnish or wood stain or even some blank wooden ends to take away the ‘pallet’ look could make it a little more attractive. 

Reclaimed wood projects garden table bench seating

Need some wine racking for your wine cellar?  This could not be more simple – rustic and almost built just for wine storage. Stack used pallets and fill them up with your wine collection.  The top pallet can also be used for glasses and outsize bottles.  Again this could be improved with some paint, stain or varnish – whatever suits your cellar.


A vertical wooden flower planter.  Really simple to make and brighten up any garden. There is a little bit more work to this than meets the eye as you need to insert a liner to keep the soil in position.  This is a really simple way to display a large area of plants.  you can either lean it against a wall or fence or hang it on an exterior wall.  The pallet soon disappears behind a mass of foliage and flowers.  very effective especially is you are lacking space and need a splash of color.


So there you have it – 15 great things to make out of wood pallets!

Wooden pallets are so versatile for making really useful items for your home and garden.

All it takes is a few tools and a sprinkling of imagination. Take a look at Greg Stamate’s youtube video below that features these project ideas and a few more.  If you like this article and it has inspired you to drag your carpentry tools out of the shed please hit one of the social media tabs on the far left and share these ideas.