best markers for coloring and Drawing

best markers for coloringWhat do all the best markers for coloring have in common? They have the ability to make you forget about their functionality and concentrate on the joy of creating a piece of art.

Having the capability to make wide and fine lines without switching to a different marker makes a huge difference to an artist.

Most artists will say that the best art markers have dual tips. One is for thick swooshing lines; the other for narrow lines and details. Buying a set of twin-tipped markers is like doubling your investment because you get two for the price of one.

The best markers for drawing anything with depth require a variety of line dimensions. Unless you’re drawing stick figures, your sketches require more than just a single marker. Draw your best sketches by using the best drawing markers that will provide the results you’re searching for.

 best markers for coloring prismacolor 12 pen setPrismacolor Premier Double-Ended Art Markers, Fine and Brush Tip, 12-Count 

A basic 12-piece set of dual-tipped markers is a great beginning. The basic primary colors are bursting from both tips as you make wide brush strokes or thin lines.

With a single ink reserve, both tips are supplied equally with ink. Both are usable until the ink completely runs out. Since the ink is alcohol-based, it has a high resistance to fading.

Don’t worry about drenching your hand as it moves around the paper. The ink dries fast so you don’t have to slow down. It may bleed through thinner types of paper, but looks amazing on heavier sketchpad paper.

These could be the best art markers to use for drawing on the go. Slip them in your pocket or bag and you’re ready to draw skylines, animals, and landscapes.

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 best markers for coloring ohuhu 40 pen setOhuhu 40 Colors Dual Tips Art Sketch Twin Marker 

Professionals and hobbyists will enjoy having this collection of 40 of the best drawing markers for bold or fine artwork.

They’re versatile enough for broad lines, fine facial expressions, coloring, or just highlighting text. Each cap is color coded to mark it for quick identification.

Like other ink-based tools, the ink is too heavy for regular notebook paper. Use sketchpad paper or some similar heavier paper to ensure the ink doesn’t bleed through.

A handsome carrying case zips shut to store and transport all of these beautiful markers so you can bring them with you anywhere you go.

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 best markers for coloring super markers 100 pensSuper Markers Twin-Tip Broad-Liner Marker Set-100 Unique Colors 

There isn’t a child or adult who won’t love the gift of 100 markers. Because they’re double-tipped, it’s like having twice the amount.

It’s nice to be able to generate fat lines or compact lines using a single marker. The non-toxic ink is water-based and works extremely well on watercolor paper.

The ink is also acid-free so when it dries, your artwork is actually eco-friendly. You’ll get not only the best coloring markers that are eco-friendly, but the absence of chemicals makes them safe for children. The twisty caps stay on tight to avoid accidental ink leaks in your bag.

The set doesn’t come with a carrying case, but an included cardboard display box has a designated slot for each marker.

With this many markers, the possibilities are endless to color, draw, and create pictures that you’ll be proud to display.

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 best markers for coloring copic pensCopic Premium Artist Markers – 72 color Set 
The magic of refillable ink makes this assortment of markers an asset to any artist. Coupled with the replaceable tips, this collection could be one of the best coloring markers available.

Wide and fine tips fill your sketch paper with a plethora of thick and slim lines. The non-toxic ink is acid-free and alcohol-based. That means it’s resistant to fading as the colors are blindingly brilliant.

Blending and layering the ink creates depths of color and breathes life into your drawings. Color-coded caps on both ends protect the tips while guarding against leaks.

While they cost a pretty penny, the return on investment for these high-quality markers well outweighs the cost. Packaged in a durable transparent carrying box, they’re ready to go when you are.

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 best markers for coloring Zig Clean color fKuretake Zig Twin Tip Marker Clean Color F, 24 Color Set 
Color, draw, highlight, or write in a journal. The versatility knows no bounds.

The fine tips are conducive to drawing characters in a comic strip or coloring miniscule areas. Or use the wide tip to layer colors in a drawing to create new colors.

The water-based ink makes blending and layering a snap without fear of muddying the results. Once dry, there’s no smudging or smearing. Since it’s also acid-free and xylene-free, they won’t hurt the environment or your children.

The set is neatly organized in a clear plastic box for storage or carrying them in your bag. While only 24 come in a pack, they could be one of the best drawing markers since they are the most eco-friendly.

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Find the best markers for coloring that let you take your art to the next level

Artists are inspired by their surroundings at the strangest moments. Having the right drawing supplies on hand helps them to capture the moment and create masterpieces. Giving an artist the best markers for coloring and drawing you can find will keep their creative juices flowing.

If you love art and are conscious of the environment, try the Kuretake Zig Twin Tip Marker. These 24 markers are one of the best drawing markers sets an artist can use that won’t pollute the Earth. You can draw, color, and more with this incredible set of double-tipped markers.

For the full-time professional who wants their tools to last forever, try the Copic Premium Artist Markers – 72 color Set. There’s no waste involved since the most important parts can be easily replaced. The twin-tipped markers in this fabulous set deliver vibrant non-toxic colors as you bring your drawings to life.

Choose the best art markers that you’ll love to use as you set out to create your unique creations. The duality of these collections gives you the opportunity to discover more joy in drawing than ever before.

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