Best Gel Ink Pens for Writing Arts and Crafts Review

best gel ink pens for writing arts and craftsIf you’re looking for the best gel ink pens for arts and crafts, the five top rated gel pens sets in this review will deliver.  For most people, a standard ballpoint pen will suffice in everyday writing or sketching scenarios.

However, a growing percentage of the populace is turning to gel pens for their professional and artistic needs.  Indeed these are some of the best gel pens for writing, drawing and sketching you will find.

What is a gel pen?

Gel pens (or jelly roll pens) rely on ink suspended in a gel medium to produce lines with a roller ball nib. They’re particularly popular in the crafts world due to their unique ability to stand out on dark surfaces.  

You can buy gel pens in a large variety of colors and multicolors, which make them particularly attractive for crafts such as card making and other decorative work.

AmazaPens Colored gel pen sets

amazapensFeaturing 24 quality styluses, the AmazaPens Gel Coloring Pen sets offers color choices in spades. The medium-sized 0.8mm nibs allow for both fine and fat lines as the situation dictates.

These AmazaPens have 40% more ink than the average pen on the market, guaranteeing long life. A dozen glitter shades, 6 neon hues and 6 pastel tones give the user plenty of options. Best of all, the ink is non-toxic and acid-free.

The obvious draw here is price enabling you to buy a great gel pen set that’s appropriate for a variety of projects without breaking the bank. Soft rubber grips make cartooning and illustrating for hours on end a comfortable affair.

From scrapbooking to gift cards to poster prototypes, this set does it all. While this set doesn’t really have any strong brown or tan options, it’s an otherwise topnotch package that will work for just about everyone.

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top-quality-gel-pens-60-pack-2Top Quality Gel Pens (Pack of 60)
Boasting an astounding 60 gel pens in neon, pastel, metallic, glitter, milky and multi-colored variants, this Top Quality set has it all. Like most gel pens, these child-safe and acid-free tools are perfect for artists of all ages.

Modeled after classic Japanese and Korean gel pens, they’re the perfect gift for animators of all stripes. An included storage case makes transportation and organization a breeze.

Considering the range of colors that come with this set as well as its low asking price, few gel pen collections can boast a similar value. Everything from greeting cards to tattoos can be drafted using the free-flowing strokes that come from these Top Quality pens – one of the smoothest gel pens on the market.  

A fine ballpoint-like tip boasting practically zero bleed-through is just one of this set’s bona fides. The only major drawback is redundancy: many shades are repeated in neon, pastel and metallic variants.

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tekwriter usa premium gel pens pack 100TEKwriterUSA Premium Gel Pens (100 Count)
In many ways, the TEKwriterUSA Premium Gel Pens set is one of the best you can find at the moment. For starters, its styluses have archival-quality ink that works wonders with a variety of substrates.

Better yet, the pens themselves are housed in a 3-step stadium-style box that allows for easy organization. Finally, comfortable grips allow for hours of pleasurable work while swapping between neon and pastel shades.

This TEKwriterUSA set really shines when it comes to metallic tones. Moderately heavy flow allows artists to quickly fill large spaces using either 0.7mm or 1.0mm tips. The included 3-step stadium stand makes organization and usage highly convenient.

The included check-safe ink is both fade and water-resistant. In terms of ergonomics, gel pens don’t get a lot more comfortable thanks to the latex comfort grips. Ultimately, these gels are a terrific value for the money.

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super-doodle-gel-pens-36-pack-premium-gel-pensSuper Doodle 36-Color Premium Gel Pen Set
Whether you’re an adult or a child, every doodling fanatic should have a set of Super Doodle’s premium gel pens on hand.

Perfect for journaling and sketching as well as more esoteric drawing pursuits like zentangles and mandalas, these Super Doodles can do it all.

Non-toxic and acid-free ink comes in 12 glitter, 10 metallic, 6 neon and 6 pastel shades as well as a standard white and a black.

Overall, the Super Doodle 36-Color Premium Gel Pen Set represents a solid value and delivers a decent level of flexibility. Fine 0.8mm tips on the neon, pastel and metallic pens paired with free-flowing ink allow for a level of intricate detail that few budget pen sets can match.

The only real problem is a moderate amount of bleed-through with the neons. Other than that, this set is a solid purchase for a slew of consumers.

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lolliz-gel-pens-192-pen-set-4-packs-of-48-gensLolliZ Gel Pens | 96 Gel Pen Set
This budget-friendly set of gel pens from Lolliz prove that buying in bulk doesn’t necessarily guarantee low quality. Buyers get two sets of 48 acid-free sketchers arranged in four handy carrying trays.

You’ll get 6 standard, 6 neon, 6 swirl, 12 glitter, 10 metallic and 8 metallic pens to work with featuring tips ranging from 0.8mm to 1.0mm in width for flexible lines.

While the Lolliz Gel Pens Set can be used for practically any art project, illustrators and cartoonists will get the most mileage out of it. It’s a terrific gift for a budding grade-school artist as well as a casual adult hobbyist.

These Lolliz styluses excel when it comes to controlling leaks and bleeds due to their quality construction and superior ink. If you crank out creations at a steady clip, it’s hard to beat this 96-pen package.

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 best ink gel pens amazapen gel pen setsWhich are the best ink gel pens  for the Job?
While all of the sets reviewed here are prudent purchases, some are more appropriate for particular users than others.

If high-capacity ink cartridges that go the distance are a must, the AmazaPens are the way to roll. If you do a lot of fine detail work, the Lolliz and Super Doodle sets are your best bets.

For everything else, the TEKwriterUSA and Top Quality sets won’t let you down.

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