Best airbrush kit for beginners – 5 top rated kits reviewed

best airbrush kit for beginnersAre you searching for the best airbrush kit for beginners or have you already mastered this art form and you’re seeking more sophisticated tools?

History is on your side. From clunky, air-propelled delivery tools disbursing inks, dyes and paints to sleek contemporary kits that cast soft bursts of color, airbrush technology has improved dramatically over time.

How do you go about choosing the best airbrush and the best air compressor for airbrushing? That’s our job, so keep reading. You might ask, how much is an airbrush kit? You’ll find they fit any budget once you complete your search for the one that suits you best.

Our Five Airbrush and Compressor Picks:

Complete-Professional-Master-Airbrush-Multi-Purpose-Airbrushing-SystemThe Master Airbrushing System Paint Kit with Standard Compressor
There are 11 Items in this basic airbrushing system, so the only thing you need to get started is to open the box. Expect to find the following components: Work your magic using a 0.3mm needle and nozzle that efficiently rewards you with precise lines and fill.

Enjoy the prestige of owning one of the top selling, user-friendly set-ups. Receive a free “Master’s How to Airbrush” manual containing great tips and techniques.

This airbrush kit does it all: cake decorating, hobbies, nail art, fine art, tattoos, vehicle graphics, tanning and more and since it includes the three essential airbrushes needed to accomplish most art projects, you won’t have to return to your source to buy additional supplies.

At just under 12 pounds, this kit won’t weigh you down if you take it on the road to do your thing, and if you give yourself enough time to review the free guide and practice on several types of materials and surfaces, your willingness to try new projects once you’ve mastered these tools may surprise you.


  • Novice artists are impressed by the quality and quantity of everything in this kit.
  • This is one of the better starter airbrush products on the market at a price that’s affordable.
  • Add other elements from the same manufacturer to expand your supply library.
  • Even if you’re just a beginner, this kit delivers on its promise to get you through larger projects effortlessly.


  • You need a fundamental understanding of how these components work before you buy.
  • On occasion, airbrush needles may have flaws that can compromise the performance of the compressor.
  • Don’t expect the small bottles of primary colors to get you very far.
  • Not every airbrush artist likes a tank less compressor, so be sure this is your preference before you buy.

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Paasche-TG-100D-Gravity-Feed-Airbrush-Compressor-PackagePaasche TG-100D Gravity Feed Airbrush & Compressor Package
The Paasche Airbrush Company wasn’t incorporated until 2016, yet it’s been operating in the U.S. since 1906! Whether you’re a beginner or your skills and techniques are advanced, it’s wise to add this set-up to your library of tools.

The TG-100D offers artisans both double action and gravity feed features; the compressor is fitted with a regulator and automatic shut-off, and the entire kit weighs just 10 pounds so it’s transportable and lightweight. Veteran airbrush users appreciate the fact that Paasche includes its AC-7 cleaning kit so users keep their equipment in top condition.

If the type of art you undertake requires very fine detailing, this could be your best bet, because the three-spray head lays down a uniform color area and there’s not a paint currently on the market that won’t work efficiently and artfully when dispensed by this Paasche tool.

If you’re big on extras, you’ll appreciate the special fan air cap that comes standard with this best seller. This permits a broader coverage that extends to 3-inches, and the compressor can be counted on to deliver between 20 and 40 PSI, contingent, of course, upon your spray head.


  • The name may be old, but the reputation of this company has remained impeccable over time.
  • Quiet operation is a bonus; only when the brush is triggered will you hear any noise.
  • Basic components mean you don’t have to buy extra products to start projects immediately.
  • Metal used to manufacture this airbrush is high quality and made in the U.S.A.


  • If you’re on a stringent budget, you may not be able to afford this setup since it retails for almost $200.
  • If you’ve never before used a dual-action airbrush, you’ll need practice time to become accustomed to it.

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PointZero-Airbrush-Premium-Dual-Action-Airbrush-Kit-with-3-GunsPointZero Airbrush Premium Dual Action Airbrush Kit with 3 Guns

If just the thought of acquiring an airbrush kit with three guns is enough to excite you, you might want to sit down when you check out the price reduction many websites post: this $300 setup could come to live in your studio for only $75, so your reasons for celebration just multiplied if that’s your idea of a great price.

Manufacturers often bandy the word “premium” about when referring to products, but in this case, the word is appropriate when you spec out everything you get for your money.

PointZero can handle every project under the sun. Expect consistent air pressure from the professional-grade compressor.   The regulator-mounted airbrush holder allows you to piggyback two airbrushes at a time on the compressor for efficiency.

The library of instructional materials included with this ensemble is equally impressive: get five educational airbrushing guides and sets of instructions plus a “Master the Basics” DVD that makes this a great airbrushing kit for beginners.


  •  Many online airbrush shops offer this kit at its drastically-reduced price.
  • The ultra-quiet compressor is a boon for night owls who don’t get creative until after the sun sets.
  • Very high quality materials used in the manufacture of all components.
  • Good value for those just getting started who don’t want to invest much in equipment.


  • Use with caution as the compressor tends to get hot if the unit runs too long.
  • Not every online and retail airbrush kit seller carries the PointZero brand.

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BADGER-Renegade-Velocity-R1V-Set-Airbrushing-System-with-AirBrush-Depot-TC-20-Tankless-Air-Compressor-6-ft-hose-KitBADGER Renegade Velocity Airbrushing Kit
Don’t waste time searching for sales and markdowns if you’ve got your heart set on this Badger Renegade airbrush kit, because the only way you may save on this $210 system will be if you buy one second hand.

Everything from the sleek outer case that holds components to the tank less air regulator are first class, which is why there’s a 2-year warranty on the compressor.

This powerful airbrush is known for its maintenance-free operation. According to the manufacturer and artists who prefer this brand, the 1/5-horsepower unit “delivers more Air Volume (CFM) and Air Pressure (PSI) than any airbrush demands,” so loss of pressure won’t become an issue.

There’s an automatic on/off shutoff feature to keep the operator safe and everything is neatly stowed in a custom brief case retrofitted with spaces for each of the components. Precisely adjust the airflow as you work on projects or clients knowing that the gauge and water trap filter stop soil or debris from getting into the inner workings.


  • A preferred brand of professional artists, the Badger name is synonymous with quality and excellence.
  • The ideal alternative if one can’t afford a pricey Iwata.
  • Replacement parts are extremely inexpensive (replacement needles average $9 each).
  • Trigger action is “smooth as butter” and fine line delivery is exquisite.


  • Price can be a deal-breaker for this high-end airbrush set.
  • Disassembly can be tricky; practice up before you start painting.

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IWATA-HP-CS-Eclipse-AIRBRUSH-Kit-With-Airbrush-Depot-Tank-CompressorIWATA HP-CS Eclipse AIRBRUSH Kit

Some artisans consider the Iwata airbrush to the Rolls Royce of airbrush equipment. If the price tag doesn’t trouble you, you’ll get plenty of bang for your buck by choosing iwata airbrush kits with compressors.

A work-engine of a kit featuring a dual-action gravity feed airbrush, maintenance-free air compressor with tank, a library of Createx airbrush paints in 12 popular colors plus 100 mixing sticks. You also get a 3-in-1 cleaning vessel plus cleaning solution, an airbrush holder that accommodates 4 tools and a 6-foot-long braided hose.

There’s a two-year warranty on the compressor that features an automatic on/off shutoff and a fast disconnect feature to pop your airbrushes out for cleaning.

The Eclipse series is known for versatility. Whether you’re doing nail art or applying swaths of paint to a dramatic mural to a wall, precise control of the spray could be the feature that offers you the biggest benefit of all.

Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve landed commissions that attest to your expertise, you’ll still want to consult the complimentary copy of “How to Secrets for Advanced Airbrush Art” that comes with this ensemble of professional tools.


  • The Iwata brand has been around for nearly 100 years and consistently produces quality airbrush tools.
  • Simple, easy-to-use tools plus a very long air hose that allows the artist lots of movement and control.
  • Iwata accessories are even compatible with other airbrush brands, so you can interface old and new.
  • Very easy to disassemble component parts and clean.


  • Don’t count on the dozen free paints to make a dent in your project; they’re really just samples.
  • If you spray at more than 60psi, you may need to add a pancake compressor to your arsenal.

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Best airbrush kit for beginnersBest airbrush kit for beginners in conclusion

Unlike disposable items you buy to accomplish your artistic projects, you’re only going to buy an airbrush kit once, so it’s important to avoid buyer’s remorse by selecting a kit that doesn’t perfectly suit your needs.

We urge you to talk to artisans in your line of work and take advantage of their experiences. Your contemporaries won’t be shy about sharing viewpoints, but once they offer their two cents’ worth of advice, we are happy to make a recommendation based on our research.

For the money, the reputation and results, we are most impressed by the PointZero Airbrush Premium Dual Action Airbrush Kit with 3 Guns. You’re welcome to draw a comparison chart to weigh all five profiled here, but we don’t think you will find a deal that comes close to the low price point, so make sure you look for this price when you’re trying to decide where to buy an airbrush kit.

You get just as many components as you do with other brands (in some cases, more) and the instructional DVD can get you up to speed fast. You hold the credit card, so this will ultimately be your decision, but on balance, the PointZero really is your best bet—particularly if you’re in the market for the best airbrushing kit for beginners.

If price isn’t a big issue then the IWATA HP-CS Eclipse AIRBRUSH Kit is a well established brand with a long and respected track record. Yes it does cost quite a bit more than the PointZero brand, however it is recognised by artists and crafters as a very reliable quality airbrush kit that can take on any project.  The kit is easy to use and simple to assemble and disassemble for cleaning.