Learning how to knit step by step

learning how to knit step by stepLearning how to knit step by step from our parents doesn’t happen for a lot of people anymore.

Joining a knitting class can be helpful, but busy schedules seldom allow it. But if you’re comfortable with written instructions, you may be able to figure out how to learn knitting at home with the appropriate instructional guide.

Knitting is an age-old past time that is experiencing quite a comeback.  It used to be required of young girls to learn the art in order to clothe their family.  Today it’s used as a wonderfully relaxing and productive hobby.

It uses a repetitive set of finger movements to create wonderful things out of a simple ball of yarn. Muscle memory keeps the hands busy and the mind sharp.  Knitted blankets, purses, shawls, hats, mittens, and bedspreads can be made for a fraction of the price found in the store. 

The-Knitter's-Book-of-KnowledgeThe Knitter’s Book of Knowledge by Debbie Bliss

Divided into 11 parts, this hardcover book breaks down the complexity of knitting.  The beginner will enjoy learning how to knit step by step. 

It starts off with the basics of explaining the meaning of knitting terminology.  It transitions smoothly into identifying types of yarn, needles, and hooks.  You’ll learn what row counters and cable needles are and how they’re used.  By Chapter 2, you’re on your way to learning the knit stitch and a purl stitch. 

Color illustrations populate the book throughout to provide a brilliant visual support aid for each stitch.  Even advanced users can build off the basic techniques to move on to shifting colors, casting on, and finishing techniques.

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Cast-On,-Bind-Off--54-Step-by-Step-MethodsCast On, Bind Off: 54 Step-by-Step Methods by Leslie Ann Bestor 

How to learn knitting at home doesn’t have to be complicated.  From start to finish, the detailed instructions in this book are geared toward the beginner.  Each technique is accompanied by full color photographs. 

The easy way to cast on knitting is to have plenty of options.  There are over 50 ways to cast on (start a row), bind off (finish a row), and instructions for knitting edges that are tight, loose, stretchy, or laced.  The author makes it easy to learn how to knit for beginners step by step and slowly before moving on to more advanced complex stitches. 

Combining the techniques lets you customize your knitting projects to the exact way you want them. Give a handmade baby blanket with the newborn’s initials lovingly stitched into the corner. Leslie Ann Baster gives plenty of simple knitting stitches for beginners that will get you on your way to producing more complex work.

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750 Knitting Stitches The Ultimate Knit Stitch Bible750 Knitting Stitches: The Ultimate Knit Stitch Bible by Pavilion Books

How to knit step by step instructions for beginners and advanced knitters can be found in this all-inclusive re-printed hardcover book.  It’s an upgrade of the Harmony Guide knitting book. 

No charts are included, but the instructions are straightforward.  Begin by learning the tools and their functions.  Learn the basics of reading a pattern and how to start.  Move on to your first row of stitches, then finish it up. 

The book covers 750 different types of knitting stitches.  Included are the standard stitches as well as new and innovative stitches to create an intricate blend of old and new themes.  

Beginners can learn how to knit while experienced knitters can expand on their skills.  Each technique has a collaborating color photo of a completed swatch so you can see the end product of your hard work. 

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Knitting-in-Plain-EnglishKnitting in Plain English Paperback – April 17, 2007 by Maggie Righetti (Author)

If you’re interested in learning how to knit step by step without falling asleep from boredom, you’re in luck.  The author not only uses simple language to explain knitting verbiage and techniques, but she also throws in some of her outspoken humor. 

While the standard “how to knit” step by step instructions for beginners are outlined, methods for correcting mishaps is also discussed.  No need to scrap it and begin all over.  Instructions avoid technical jargon.

The author uses outspoken humor as she talks about impractical designs that frustrate beginners.  Some photos are included, but the focus is more on instructions than pretty pictures.  Tricks, tips, and cheat methods are given using easy to understand plain English for all levels of knitters.

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Vogue Knitting The Ultimate Knitting BookVogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book by Vogue Knitting Magazine Editors 

This book has been hailed as the definitive guide for helping wanna-be knitters in their quest for learning how to knit step by step instructions for beginners.

A myriad of techniques are covered including mosaic knitting, circular knitting with double point or circular needles, and fair-isle color stitching.  Each page includes cross referencing and chapters are color coded. 

Precise illustrations and detailed descriptions alleviate confusion that usually occurs when newbies tackle how to learn knitting at home.  Vibrant color photos support each technique discussed. 

A design workshop is at the end of the book that includes a charts and diagrams to test your knowledge as you build your skill set.

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Which how to start knitting guide book is best for you?

The task of learning how to knit for beginners step by step slowly and methodically can be interesting and even fun at times.  The moment you bind off your final row of your fist project can be exhilarating.   How to knit step by step instructions for beginners should be clear and understandable.  

The Knitting in Plain English book takes you on a journey of learning techniques using relatable language while providing well-placed humor. It makes learning how to knit step by step fun and interesting.   

For the more visual learner, The Knitter’s Book of Knowledge teaches the beginner how to learn knitting at home with written instructions and powerful color photos depicting each step.  Whatever book you choose, remember to enjoy the journey of learning a new skill.  You’ll be glad you did.