Art craft desk top lamps illuminate your hobby

art craft desk top lampsThings don’t always look better in the dark.  Painting, drawing, or making jewelry requires a lot of natural light.  Colors can be distorted as light fades.  Art craft desk top lamps provide necessary illumination to your work area.

Magnifying lights for crafts used to be bulky and handheld.  But they’re becoming more popular as interest in arts and crafts increases.  Lights for craft projects are portable, energy efficient, and useful for a large range of hobbies. Natural daylight lamps for crafts shed light on the exact area you need it.

A light with magnifiers for hobbies like sewing or painting model airplanes can be a huge help. Magnifier lamps for crafts with small parts light up and enlarge miniscule details so you can enjoy your hobbies again.

Daylight-UN1062-Naturalight-Hobby-Table-LampDaylight Naturalight Hobby Table Lamp

This adjustable “green” lamp provides light to your art desk that mimics natural sunlight.  The gooseneck arm lets you twist and flex it any direction.  It provides a 16.20 radius of light with very little glare. 

The natural white light spectrum helps to retain the true color integrity of paints and markers. Working in dim light is no longer a problem.  Using daylight lamps for sewing and crafting help to ease eye strain when proper lighting isn’t available. 

Made to be eco-friendly, it uses energy saving tubes that brighten up your work space while requiring minute amounts of energy. Even the packaging is 100% recyclable cardboard. 

There’s no clamp to attach it to the table, but the base is balanced to keep it in place.  The 6-foot cord gives plenty of length between you and the outlet.  It uses a 27-watt light bulb that’s included.

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Carson-DeskBrite200-LED-Lighted-2x-Magnifier-and-Desk-LampCarson DeskBrite LED Lighted 2x Magnifier

A great two-in-one light with magnifier for hobbies of all genres doesn’t get any better than this.  The sturdy base keeps it rooted in place on your craft desk. The flexible arm lets you move the magnifying glass to any position. 

Two powerfully bright LED lights on the rim of the glass brighten up your workspace.  The magnifier has a four-inch wide acrylic lens.  

Using magnifying lights for needlework can make crocheting and sewing enjoyable again.  Seeing those tiny jewelry parts, writing comic strips, or examining details of a stamp can all be done without painful eye strain.  The magnifier makes threading needles or painting model planes much easier. 

It can be used with the 5-foot AC/DC adapter at home or three AA batteries if you’re traveling. 

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OxyLED-M10-Ultra-Efficient-Daylight-Desk-Clamp-Mount-90-SMD-LED-Spring-Arm-Magnifying-Lamp-MagnifierOxyLED M10 Ultra-Efficient Daylight Desk Clamp-Mount 

Daylight lamps for crafts shouldn’t take up a lot of space.  When every inch of your art desk counts, a clamp light is the perfect solution.  Your workspace can be used for your project while the lamp securely clamps to any 1-inch edge of your art desk. 

It opens to a 2.5-inch thickness.  The long reach of the arm can reach about 30 inches in height while the head swivels a full 360 degrees. With 90 LED lights encircling the head ring, it can light up an enormous work area. 

It’s gauged to provide 50,000 hours of light.  The 5-inch glass magnifying lens provides 2.25 times magnification when you need to see fine details up close.  Use this daylight lamp for sewing, reading, or repairing a model train.

OxyLED M10 Ultra-Efficient Daylight Desk Clamp-Mount

Daylight-Company-U33900-Professional-Artist-LampDaylight Company Professional Artist Lamp

Standard art craft desk top lamps don’t always work for every type of crafter.  Artists using easels need adequate natural lighting, too. 

This lamp, specifically made to attach to large or small easels, uses a 24-watt, low heat, natural daylight bulb technology to help with true color matching when painting. 

The elongated head offers wide and even coverage for canvases and art pads up to a 30×30-inch area.  The lamp head can swivel 360 degrees, so you have total control of the light.

The universal clamp attaches to any standing wood or metal easel, work bench, or drafting table. 

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Ultra-Efficient-Desk-Clamp-Mount-56-SMD-LED-Spring-Arm-Magnifying-LampUltra-Efficient Desk Clamp-Mount LED Spring-Arm Magnifying Lamp

A heavy duty aluminum clamp light with a magnifier for hobbies and crafts that adjusts with a feather light touch is now at your fingertips.  The clamp comes with a no-mark pad to avoid damaging your desk. 

It can clamp onto a surface up to 2.5 inches thick.  It requires two inches of desk surface space to attach.  The 38-inch arm is triple jointed and can be tightened or loosened without butterfly clasps or knobs. 

Ultra-Efficient-Desk-Clamp-Mount-56-SMD-LED-Spring-Arm-Magnifying-Lamp2It provides up to 100,000 hours of light, making this one of the longer lasting magnifier lamps for crafts on the market. If you’re looking for magnifying lights for needlework, this may be a good solution. 

The magnifying lens is five inches in diameter and increases objects to 2.5-times their size.  The light has three settings and only uses nine watts of energy and has a 5-foot cord. 

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Which art craft desk top lamps would suit your hobby?

It’s not always easy to see the tiny details when doing crafts like bead work, cross stitching, or painting.  It’s more difficult in dull light.  Daylight lamps for crafts can do wonders for illuminating work spaces. They dispel shadows so you can enjoy your hobby, day or night.   Extend your painting time with the Daylight Company Professional Artist Lamp.  It’s adjustable, flexible, and mimics true daylight.  Made to attach to easels, it’s a great solution for painters who don’t want to stop painting when the sun goes down.   

Or maybe you need to maximize your work space. Try the Ultra-Efficient Desk Clamp-Mount LED Spring-Arm Magnifying Lamp.  You get a three-in-one combo – a light, magnifier, and a clamp.  Make your work brighter and bigger with this combination magnifier light for crafts, drawing, painting, or needlework.

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