Art and craft tables for adults review

Art and craft table for adultsAn art and  craft table needs to serve multiple purposes. Some art and craft tables for adults focus on ample working space.  Others, such as kids craft tables with storage areas, are built to accommodate children and organizing a small number of supplies.  Still others offer cross-functionality features of being a well-lit drafting table with a tilting aspect that’s also excellent for painting. 

Having a designated workspace for any task is essential to productivity and creativity. Sitting at a desk makes your brain kick into work mode.

Arts and craft activities especially need an organized space that has storage, a work surface, and in some cases mobility.

The type of project you’re doing will determine the functionality you’ll need when deciding on an art and craft table with storage for your tools and supplies.

South-Shore-Crea-Craft-TableSouth Shore Crea Craft Table

The simple design of this art and craft table with storage space is deceptive.  Every bit of space is put to use without taking away from its functionality or contemporary beauty.  Some storage areas are open while others are enclosed.  Yet everything is within easy reach. 

With all of the drawers and cubby holes underneath, the large work surface is open and uncluttered. The modules are interchangeable so you decide which side has the open shelves and which has the sliding storage drawer.  The shelves are adjustable to hold big or small items. 

There are five 12×12 shelves for paper charts, designs, or instructions.  The middle drawer comes with a divider to separate miscellaneous items.  

Markers and paint wipe off the laminate top with a wet rag. It’s made of non-toxic particle board making it lighter than real wood.

It’s sturdy enough for an adult to draw, sew, or paint.  It’s possibly one of the most aesthetically pleasing and useful art desks for adults who love to craft or draw.

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Sullivans-Home-Hobby-Adjustable-Height-Foldable-TableSullivans Adjustable Home Hobby Table – Foldable 

The Sullivans adjustable home hobby table can accommodate all types of different users.  The surface is large enough for cutting fabric, sewing, scrapbooking, and more. 

At full size, it measures approximately 34×59 inches, but it can be adjusted between 29-38 inches. 

The tri-fold table top lets you adjust it to the size you need while the two open shelves underneath store your supplies. All six legs on this collapsible craft table have wheels to allow for mobility. 

If the room is too dark, just push this lightweight and portable craft table with wheels closer to a window.  Not all projects can be done comfortably while sitting.  Adjust the height with a simple hex key so you can stand while working.

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Studio-Designs-10096-Futura-Craft-Station-with-Folding-ShelfStudio Designs Futura Craft Station – in white and black

Resembling an easel with an extra set of legs, this artist work table with storage compartments isn’t just for painting. 

The work surface is made from tempered safety glass that adjusts from completely flat to a 35-degree tilt. The four side-storage trays are removable and also made of glass. 

Both sides of the adjustable surface have built-in holes and grooves for holding brushes, paints, pens, markers, and erasers.  The sliding middle drawer holds more supplies.

The steel construction is strong enough to support the weight of the glass plus extra tools.  Clamp on a craft lamp for extra lighting. 

Use it as a drafting table, light table, painting space, or drawing desk.

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Alvin-CraftMaster-Art,-Drawing,-and-Hobby-TableAlvin CraftMaster Art, Drawing, and Hobby Table 

Another appealing portable craft table with wheels, this table has multiple functions that put it at the top of the list of art desks for adults.  

The surface can be adjusted up to a 30-degree angle with a single-handed tilt mechanism.  The height is adjustable as well for sitting or standing.  Three drawers are attached underneath either side of the tabletop, totaling six drawers to hold pens, paints, rulers, and markers. 

It works well as a drafting table or arts and craft table for adults or teens.  Use it for paper quilling, water or acrylic paint, or drawing.  The wood veneer tabletop comes in maple coloring with scratch-resistant powder coating while the metal base is white.  Clamp a light on it for extra brightness. 

The base has a crossbar foot rest covered with rubber tread to make sitting more comfortable.

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Studio-Designs-10076-Futura-Craft-StationStudio Designs Futura Craft Station in Red, Silver/blue, Black and yellow

The tempered safety glass work surface makes working on this adjustable art and craft table with storage a welcomed hobby. The top adjusts up to a 35-degree tilt.

Storage is provided on both sides via four removable molded plastic trays to organize drawing and painting tool.  They slide in and lock in place.  Need even more storage? There are three slide-out drawers on the left, and a sliding pencil ledge for keeping pens, pencils, and markers on the tabletop. A center slide-out drawer holds a thin drawing pad, scissors, or other essentials.  

A small clamp light can attach to any side for extra lighting.  It’s well balanced, and its durable construction means it was meant to last.

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Studio-Designs-10096-Futura-Craft-Station2Which art and craft tables for adults would make your workspace a joy to work in?

Whether you’re quilting or designing graphic art, an art and craft table with storage compartments lets you focus on your project rather than organizing your supplies.  For the crafter who needs a large workspace with ample storage chambers, the South Shore Crea Craft Table has a sleek yet functional design.  Its interchangeable attributes lets you have some control over its finished design without taking away from the amount of storage space. 

The crafter or artist on the run may prefer the Sullivans adjustable home hobby table which is Foldable.  Enjoy all the aspects of typical art desks for adults while tapping into its mobile features.  Use it at home to create art.  Then fold up this portable craft table on wheels, and bring it with you to a craft show. Set it up, and professionally display your hard work.