7 cool crafts to do at home


Loves-doves-yulia-brodskiaWhat is quilling?

Quilling is a paper craft where strips of paper are shaped and glued ‘end on’ to a surface to make patterns and pictures.  They can range from a very small scale to huge mural type artwork.  The process is very simple and the tools to create a quilling project are simple to use and inexpensive.  See my review of 5 quilling projects that are ideal for a beginner with all the tools, patterns and paper included [more…]

Yulia Brodskia is one of the foremost quilling artists in the world and her designs will amaze and inspire.  I caught up with Yulia recently – See the interview with Yulia Brodskaya here…

winding-coil-around-quilling-toolIf you want to learn the basics of quilling I recommend some really good, highly rated quilling books that provide the foundation for this fascinating and highly rewarding craft.

Quilling has many basic shapes from which you can build up a larger design.  Here is a mini quilling tutorial that explains with detailed images and video how you can create the basics.

the-complete-book-of-wood-carving-horseWood Carving, chip carving and wood turning

Create some amazing sculptures with beatiful natural wood.  There is something wonderful about creating a work of art out of wood.  A craft that has endured for thousands of years for good reason.  

Using natural products without the trappings of 21st  Century gadgets can be one of the most satisfying and theraputic crafts.. The tools are simple the process is quite easy to learn and the results can be extremely rewarding.

chip-cut-patterns-mirror-imageChip carving project – create wonderful and intricate patterns using the chip carving technique [more…]

Wood turning tutorial – basic turning tools explained – [more…]

Wood turning sets review – which sets would suit a beginner to wood turning? [more…]

Wood carving – 5 highly rated books for the beginner [more…]


Sewing is not just a craft it can be a way to save money and a way to make a living.  There are many things you can do with a sewing machine –  curtains, drapes, soft toys, duvet covers and dress making are just a few creative and functional products you can make.

Alterations to existing materials, repairing damaged and worn clothes, embroidery – the list seems endless.  The sewing machine is so versatile that it seems ridiculous not to be without one!

5 highly rated sewing machines – ideal for the beginner [more…]

How does a sewing machine actually work?  See the basic components and how to set up a sewing machine ready for sewing [more…]

Have you ever seen a sewing bird? – what is it and what can you use it for? [more…]

Clay sculpting


There is nothing better than rolling up your sleeves and turning a block of clay into a work of art.  Modern day polymer clays allow you to cure the clay either in the oven or by air drying.  

There are many variations of clay on the market that give this traditional craft great versatility, making it a highly attracive craft and hobby!

the-polymer-clay-techniques-bookReview: 5 highly rated clay sculpting books.  Learn the techniques to give your hobby the professional touch [more…]

Which are the best clay sculpting tools for beginners?

Some excellent clay sculpting kits -a must for making clay models [more…] 

Which sculpting polymer clay is best for your clay modelling?

We review some of the best polymer clays for beginners on the market [more…]

dimensions-lion-cross-stitchCross stitching

Simple cross stitches on a backing cloth can be built up to make the most amazing patterns.  This craft dates back centuries and has been used to create works of art to celebrate and record events throughout history.

We review 5 highly rated cross stitch designs in kit form that give a great introduction into this highly rewarding craft [more…]

An introduction to cross stitching.  If you are a newbie to cross stitching this article is just for you explaining the basic stitches step by step fully illustrated [more…]

What is Aida cloth? An introduction into the variations, structure and uses of cross stitching  backing cloth [more…]

pallets recycle into garden seatsWood recycling

Wooden pallets can be recycled to make really useful and practical items such as household and garden furniture.  A DIY craft that you can make money out of for very little outlay.

This article shows some great ideas for recylcling this readily available and often free ‘scrap wood’  [more…]

cool crafts to do at homeSublimation Printing

Sublimation printing is transfering print to another object by applying heat and pressure.  There are many types of products that can be made such as tee shirts, phone covers and mouse mats.  In this article I walk you through the process of printing ceramic mugs using the sublimation process.  

In a separate post I list out everything you will need for mug sublimation.  The beauty of this process is that you can produce products with your own original designs and repeat the process as many times as you like.  You can make art work that sells and it is relatively easy to set up [more…]