Best woodturning tool sets for beginners

PSI-Woodworking-LCAN8MD-HSS-Micro-Detailing-Anniversary-Lathe-Chisel-Set-8-Piece5 highly rated simple wood turning tools sets

Making something out of nothing with your own two hands has almost become a lost art. Taking a chunk of wood and molding it into your own personal creation provides a sense of accomplishment.

Woodworking helps to improve cognitive functions and can help deter dementia in some situations. Children can increase their eye-hand coordination by learning to carve a piece of wood. Because it requires the use of hand-eye coordination, the mind and body must work together, thereby acting as a stress reliever.

But how do you get started? It helps to have woodturning tools explained before investing too much time and money. And you need the proper tools for working the wood. For a beginner, woodturning tool sets can be a thrifty motivator full of some of the best woodturning chisels and other tools you need to begin the adventure of creating wood carving.

PSI-Woodworking-LCHSS8-HSS-Wood-Lathe-Chisel-Set-8-PiecePSI Woodworking LCHSS8 HSS Best Wood Lathe Chisels Set, 8-Piece

Take a piece of rough unshaped wood and transform it into a beautifully dressed functional piece of furniture or art. Joining a woodworking class will pull you off the couch (and introduce you to others with a shared interest in woodworking) as you show up in style with this set of hardwood-handle chisels displayed in their very own eye-catching wooden display box.

Starting a new project is a cinch with this eight-piece set of chisels that was designed get the beginner comfortable with handling wood lathe tools.

This kit is a great value since these chisels are made out of high speed steel and can be used on small and large projects. Dull tools don’t perform well, so keep them sharp by using a bench grinder with a fine-grit wheel, or use some steel wool or crocus cloth.

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PSI-Woodworking-LCMINI2-Mini-5-Piece-HSS-Wood-Lathe-Chisel-Turning-SetPSI Woodworking LCMINI2 Mini 5-Piece HSS Wood Lathe Chisel Turning Set

Learning a new skill will kick you out of your comfort zone. If that’s a scary thought, relax. Try it out at home before venturing into a social situation with this mini five-piece set.

This kit is ideal for starting off with small projects so you don’t feel overwhelmed as a gigantic hunk of wood stares angrily at you, daring you to transform it. As a mini-set, it’s geared toward projects such as pen making or other fine lathe work.

Also a great starter kit for children, this mini-set of tools will introduce the little ones to a hobby that requires patience and focus, and it gives them a sense of accomplishment. When you’re ready to share your new skill, do so proudly. Show off your wood lathe tools with their dark-stained hardwood handles, shiny brass ferrules, sparkling high speed steel blades, and attractive carrying case.

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SAVANNAH-HSS-WOOD-LATHE-CHISEL-SET-8-PIECE-SETSavannah HSS Wood Lathe Chisels Set, 8-Piece Set By Savannah Turning Tools

Did you have a hard day that you’d like to escape from? Woodworking helps you to relax as it forces you to concentrate your thoughts elsewhere. Plus you can take out your frustration on the wood as you carve out a design with this eight-piece kit that has all the tools for working wood that you’ll need.

Eight regular sized 16-inch chisels with M2 high speed steel blades and real brass ferrules, engraved hardwood handles, and a sturdy carrying case to keep them organized are at your beck and call. Whether you’re a senior citizen or child, you’ll find that these wood lathe tools and their uses have no limits.

They’ve been rated by past users as some of the best woodturning chisels in its price range because the steel blades outlast the lifespan of high carbon steel. Ideal for all skill levels, this kit is perfect for turning small pens, bowls, spindles, or maybe even something on a larger scale if you’re feeling a bit bold.

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PSI-Woodworking-LCTEN-HSS-Wood-Lathe-Tenon-ToolPSI Woodworking LCTEN HSS Wood Lathe Tenon Tool by PSI Woodworking 

Pen makers know that out of all the tools for working wood that are available, nothing beats a parting tool that can produce sharp, accurate, and clean angled corners like those needed when cutting tenons on pen center bands.

Being only 1/16 inch thick, it cuts 90 degree angles for those delicate turnings perfectly. The high speed steel blade is five inches long with a four inch wooden handle. Narrow cuts are easy to make, and beginners will get the hang of it in no time.

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PSI-Woodworking-LCAN8MD-HSS-Micro-Detailing-Anniversary-Lathe-Chisel-Set-8-PiecePSI Woodworking LCAN8MD HSS Micro Detailing Anniversary Lathe Chisel Set, 8-Piece by PSI Woodworking

The finished hardwood handles and brass ferrules add to the distinguished beauty of this eight-piece woodworking set complete with a walnut stained wooden case. Create fine turning details on large projects or get fancy with some intricate details with smaller projects.

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, building your own home décor projects can save a ton of money while letting you express your artistic ideas. For the truly creative, use this micro set to turn plastics as well such as nylon and PVC.

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SAVANNAH-HSS-WOOD-LATHE-headsOur verdict – best woodturning tools for a beginner

Feel productive and valuable while enjoying yourself as you explore the joys of wood lathe tools and their uses. Improve joint flexibility by putting your hands to use while feeling a rewarding sense of pride as you transform a plain piece of wood into a beautiful creation.

For the absolute beginner or a young child, try the PSI Mini 5-Piece Chisel Set. It’s inexpensive but has all the essential tools needed for you to get comfortable with this new hobby. If you’re truly determined to be a hardcore woodworker, the Savannah HSS Wood Lathe Chisel set can help. The expense is offset by the extended lifespan of the steel while the versatility allows a wide range of small to large projects that will become memorable keepsakes.

Keeping your chisels sharp

Once you have chosen a good set of chisels you will need to keep them in tip top condition for the best performance.  We don’t cover sharpening your tools on Craftsfinder but if you follow this link to you will find some really useful articles and tutorials on keeping hand and power tools in prime condition.