5 of the best candle making starter kits

How to make home made candles starter kitCandle Making Kits for Beginners

If you always wanted to but didn’t know how to make homemade candles a startrter kit is the ideal way to find out.   Making your own candles can be fun, inexpensive, and easy.

By investing in candle making starter kits, you can create personalized candles to give as a gift, make lightly scented candles to go in the baby’s nursery, or make a uniquely shaped candle to match your home décor. The beauty of candle making kits is that supplies needed to make candles are all included so you shop once and have everything you need.  

Soy candles burn cleaner (no black soot is released) and up to three times longer than regular ones since they don’t contain the chemicals that regular paraffin wax candles do. So, need an idea for a fundraiser? Make your own “green” candles!

candle making kits spotlight Candle ScienceCandleScience Soy Candle Making Kit by CandleScience

Using soy wax is a great eco-friendly alternative for candle making. Soy has no chemicals, a softer natural fragrance, and a natural sheen. This kit can make 12 candles that are 100% soy. They burn clean and are ideal for beginners.

The most common scented oils for candle making are lavender and vanilla, both included with this kit plus other scents. Everything needed to create the candles is included plus instructions. The only item needed to be purchased separately is any specific colors you would like to add to the candles.

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best scents for candle making kitBurning Wick Candles Natural Soy Scented Candle Making Kit by Burning Wick Candles

On a smaller scale, this kit contains all the necessities for making six all-natural soy candles. You can vary the sizes and shapes of your candle creations since this kit includes a handy seven ounce jar (with lid), a votive, and four tea light containers.

Add a splash of color to your candles with the included green color bar to match your chosen scent. Making your own candles can be therapeutic as well as fun. If you don’t what kind of melting pot is needed or where to buy candle wicks or what kind of scented oils for candle making are needed, don’t stress. This kit takes the guesswork away so you can focus on enjoying making an environmentally friendly soy candle.

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Candle Making Kits for beginners1 X Natural Soy Wax Candle Making Kit by Country Lane

Two glass jar candles and four tea light candles can be made with this kit. Show your green thumb and imagination as you make a soy candle in the included glass flower pot jar.

One scent (pearberry) and green dye blocks are included plus everything else you need. Save money while giving a unique gift of a soy flower candle for that friend who loves gardening. All materials, scents, and dyes are included so if you’re on a tight budget, this kit would be perfect for learning the craft of candle making.

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Candle Making Starter Kits Soy EssentialsSoy Essentials – Scented Candle Making Kit by GeneralWax.com

Keep the kids occupied while teaching them the skills of creating something with their hands while following written instructions.

They can follow the easy-to-read color-guided instructions while spending quality time with mom and dad, or granny and grandpa. Since soy contains no harsh chemicals (like paraffin wax does), there’s no need to worry about exposing the kids to any toxins.

Everything is included to make four 7-ounce candles and two mini-status jar candles. The most important tool is the pouring pot, and luckily it’s reusable. When the supplies are all used up, they can be reordered rather inexpensively without needing another melting pot. So let them pour, stir, and laugh as their little hands make their very own non-toxic candles.

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how to make beeswax candlesMake Your Own Beeswax Candle Kit – Includes 10 Full Size 100% Beeswax Honeycomb Sheets.

If you have wanted  to know how to make beeswax candles this candle making kit is just right for you.   A great activity for a rainy day, this kit contains 10 full-sized sheets of natural beeswax honeycomb – all of the same scent (the ivory sheets are unscented and have only the natural smell of the beeswax).

With 19 of the best scents for candle making to choose from, you can’t go wrong with this kit.

One sheet makes two 8×1 inch tapered candles. They’re perfect for candle-lit dinners, an extra light source during a power outage, or use your own jars to create unique shapes of candles. Beeswax actually cleanses the air as it burns while emitting the soft aroma of warm honey.

Essential oils only add to the delicate scent as they burn. Cut the sheets in smaller sections to make smaller candles. Or melt them all to create one gigantic masterpiece. Or, since it’s packaged in a beautiful box, it’s perfect to be sent directly as a gift.

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Our recommended best candle making starter kits

Candles can be used all year long and are perfect for any occasion. Most candle making starter kits have all the items a beginner needs with the option of replenishing your supplies as you go. Candle making kits spotlight the benefits of creating your own candles at home.

A true beginner can spend a small amount for Natural Soy Wax Candle Making Kit and get everything you need inexpensively while having fun and making some amazing candle creations.

For a larger project, a beginner may like to try the CandleScience Soy Candle Making Kit that has more supplies for more hours of using your imagination to forge a one-of-a-kind candle. More candles equal more fun, so try your hand at making your own safe, chemical-free, and eco-friendly candles.