Quilling designs step by step – Miniature Carnations

Making a quilled vase of miniature carnations may seem difficult until you see how its done.  The construction is really simple with basic quilling techniques and doesn’t take long to complete.  Yoyomax12 have created some great quilling designs step by step on Youtube (full video for this project at the end of this article). Here are the steps you need to take.

First – create the flower pot and dish

quilling designs step by step

Glue two pieces of quilling paper ( 2 x [24″ x 1/8″]) together to make a single strip 48″ long and wind it up with the quilling tool to a nice tight coil.

design patterns of paper quilling glue coil end

Place a dab of glue at the end and secure before taking the coil off the quilling tool and allow to dry.

quilling equipments - creating tight coils

Repeat the process to make an identical coil.  One will be the plant pot.  The other the plant pot dish.

quilling house patterns making a flower pot

Take one coil and push the centre outward using your finger and the blunt end of the quilling tool to form the plant pot.  Place the pot on a flat surface and press down inside the pot with the quilling tool to make sure it has a firn flat base.

quilling the base of a flower pot

Take the other coil and gently push the centre down to create the plant pot dish.

glueing quilled paper tohether

Spread glue over the edge of the plant pot dish to stop the coils from seperating and a blob of glue to join the plant pot to the dish.

glueing quilled components together

Spread glue over the inside of the plant pot to stop the coils from seperating. 

making quilled miniature leaves

Using 1/8″ green quilling paper create 8 x 1″ lengths and 8 x 2″ lengths.  It is advisable to take a thin strip off each length to make them slightly narrower that 1/8″.
coiling quilled leaves
With the quilling tool coil create a ‘scroll’ at one end of each strip to create a leaf.  
quilled scroll
Tease out the scroll to give a variety of leaf shapes and scroll sizes.
carnation quilling fringing head strips with scissors
Using 24″ (x 1/8″) pink quilling paper cut the strips to form a ‘fringe/ along the entire length…
creating carnation flower head with quilled fringed paper
Cut the 24″ fringed strip into 3″ lengths and wind up each short fringed strip on the quilling tool into a very tight coil forming the carnation head…
glueing fringed carnation flower head quilling
Glue the end of the coiled strip…
fringed flower head quilling
…and allow to dry. Repeat this with a slightly contrasting color such as red so you have red and pink carnations.
florists wire for quilling projects
Create the flower stalks with florisys wire…
cutting florist wire to size for quilling project
Cut each ‘stalk’ a skightly different length…
add glue to quilled carnation flower head
Add a spot of glue to each flower head…
glue florist wire to quilled flower head
Push the florist wire ‘stalk’ into the flower head and glue… 
quilled flower on a wire stalk
…and allow to dry.
creating loose quilling coil
Next create a loose coil of green quilling paper…
adding loose coil to support quilled flowers
…and glue it into the base of the pot.  This will anchor the stalks and leaves into the pot.
adding quilled paper miniature flowers
Add plenty of glue into the coiled ‘anchor’ within the pot begin interting the flowers and leaves.
finishing vase of quilled flowers
Build up the pot with more leaves and flowers until you are happy with it and leave it to set in the glue.  The glue will set clear.
And there you have it – a miniature vase of carnations.  

COINS quilling advanced project by yulia brodskia

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