Cross stitch patterns – 5 great designs

dimensions-lion-cross-stitch-patternsFive highly rated cross stitch patterns 

Cross stitching is relaxing, interesting, and as easy or difficult as you want it to be. Cross stitch patterns and kits are easily obtainable and the variety is astounding. The great thing about buying a kit is that everything is included for that specific pattern. When you’re done, keep the pattern and use it over and over. As a quiet isolated past time or in a group, cross stitching helps to sharpen hand-eye coordination while promoting muscle memory. It’s a great way to wind down at the end of the day without morphing into a couch potato. So, as a gift to someone – or as a gift for yourself – choose a kit that speaks to you and you’ll be surprised how enjoyable it can be.

dimensions-nativity-tree-skirt-cross-stitch-patternsDimensions Needlecrafts Nativity Cross Stitch Tree Skirt

Holidays are the best times of the year to begin new traditions and create family heirlooms. But heirlooms can be expensive or lack uniqueness. Cross stitching a nativity tree skirt that will be used by future generations can become a signature family heirloom.

The nativity cross stitch kit is all inclusive, so you’ll be able to begin stitching right away. It’s counted cross stitch, not stamped. The 11-count ivory Aida cloth is an outstanding background for the rich colored floss which makes the colors pop. The floss is pre-sorted, the needle is ready to go, the pattern is easy to follow, and the cloth is pre-cut. The only item you’ll need to purchase separately is the hoop.

The finished size in an amazing 45 inches that, when wrapped around the bottom of the tree, will be the perfect backdrop to hold all those shiny gifts. If this nativity cross stitch is too pretty to put under the tree, use it on the tabletop with a conglomeration of candles in the center.

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tatty-teddy-cross-stitch-patterns-cushionTatty Teddy Cross Stitch With Love Cushion Counted Kit-11-3/4″X11-3/4″ 14 Count

For the stitcher who wants a bit more, this Tatty Teddy cross stitch kit gets you stitching with a little extra crafting. The 14-count white Aida cloth complements the beautifully pastel-colored Anchor floss to bring this sweet teddy bear to life.

The counted cross stitch pattern is easy enough for a beginner to understand, and the kit includes all of the materials needed to stitch the design and then create a decorative pillow out of it. Along with the cloth, floss, needle, and pattern, the kit contains backing fabric, piping cord, bias binding, and instructions on how to complete this lovely little cushion.

The finished size is 11 ¾ by 11 ¾ inches, and there’s plenty of white space for adding a little personalization. With 14-count cloth, the stitches will be smaller, but that only increases the fluidity of movement and makes the Tatty Teddy cross stitch that much more adorable.

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dimensions-rooster-cross-stitch-patternsDimensions Needlecrafts Counted Cross Stitch, Rooster Cross Stitch

Country kitchen décor wouldn’t be complete without a brightly colored rooster cross stitch to proudly hang on the wall. The finished project measures 6 x 6 inches – just the right size for a kitchen or dining room once it’s framed.

The kit contains the pre-determined floss in the necessary colors, a needle, 14-count plastic canvas (instead of the standard Aida cloth), and instructions. The plastic canvas is stiffer and sturdier than Aida cloth, so it will last years longer. Some stitchers prefer using plastic canvas because it eliminates the need for a hoop. The floss is sorted out by colors via a complimentary thread sorter. This will save you a little time in sorting, storing, and organizing the floss yourself.

You’ll use the standard “X” stitch, but this pattern calls for one or two French knots as well. Beginners and advanced cross stitch lovers will enjoy watching this proud guy take shape as you enjoy building your skills.

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janlynn-cherished-anniversary-cross-stitch-patternsJanlynn Anniversary Cross Stitch Kit, 15-Inch by 9-Inch , Cherished Wedding

What better way to celebrate the union of those lovebirds tying the knot than to give a handmade gift documenting their endeavor? This anniversary cross stitch pattern is beautiful, but the wonderful thing about this gift is that it’s completely unique to that special couple because it you can personalize it with their names and anniversary date.

The kit includes 14-count Aida cloth, required colored floss with a cardboard floss card (separator), needle, and pattern. Letters and numbers are included to give you the freedom to spell names and dates.

The chart is large and, therefore, divided into sections. Finish a section, and then flip over to the next. Stitching by section with a larger pattern is easier if it’s broken up into manageable sheet sizes. Or tape them all together to get the “big picture”.

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dimensions-tiger-cross-stitch-patternsDimensions Crafts Counted Cross Stitch Kit, Tiger Cross Stitch Sheltered

Melt someone’s heart with love when you create this baby tiger cross stitch. The 14-count grey Aida cloth requires smaller stitches so the details are more pronounced, like his obvious innocence as he stays close by his mamma. The white and black floss contrast softly with the gray Aida cloth, all of which are included in the kit along with the needle and instructions.

The design requires standard cross stitches plus half stitches and a couple French knots for those special delicate details. With a finished size of an amazing 14 x 11 inches, guests will be drawn to admire this precious baby tiger cross stitch as soon as it’s hung.

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dimensions-rooster-cross-stitch-close-upWhich of these cross stitch patterns would you like to create?

At the end of a long day, grab your needle and cloth, and enjoy the de-stressing benefits that cross stitching offers. If you’re looking for a simple and easy project, the Rooster cross stitch kit is inexpensive yet beautiful when finished. The kit is all inclusive since the plastic canvas doesn’t require a hoop.

For the more developed stitcher, try the baby tiger cross stitch. The endearing facial features of this little cub will entice all who see it while he melts their hearts in this elegant counted cross stitch kit.