Cool things to make with construction paper

pacon-tru-ray-construction-paperConstruction paper – 5 high rated brands reviewed

The things you can do with construction paper are endless. Make a homemade bow and tag for a gift, create a flower garden, or a family of Minions. Children can create a turkey using their hand print, or a butterfly with hearts as wings. Christmas crafts with construction paper are the best way to keep warm while celebrating the holidays. Create snowmen, glue real candy to a paper wreath, or make your own candy canes that sparkle with glitter. Grab some glue, glitter, construction paper, a bit of tape, and you’re all set.

sunworks-smart-stack-construction-paperSunWorks Smart-Stack Construction Paper, 9 x 12 Inches, 11 Colors, 300 Count (6525) by Sunworks

There are 300 sheets and 11 colors (black, white, yellow-orange, scarlet, brown, violet, blue, sky blue, holiday green, pink, and yellow) that are truly vibrant and do not appear washed out.

The most popular colors have a higher sheet count so you won’t run out too quickly.

They aren’t acid-free, but they’re in the heavyweight category which means they’re thicker than copy paper but thinner than card stock. Because the paper is colorfast, it won’t bleed when wet. This means that marker ink will leave a crisp line without bleeding.

The holiday green color is ideal for creating treasured Christmas crafts with construction paper like wreaths or Christmas trees. If you’re going green, you’ll be happy to know this paper is environmentally friendly and has been source-certified via the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. And, it’s 100% recyclable.

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crayola-construction-papaer-assortedCrayola Construction Paper, Assorted Colors, 240 Sheet (99-3200) by Crayola

Imagine all the things you can do with construction paper when there are 240 sheets of 9 x 12 paper in 10 different vivid colors, including darker colors which can make outstanding backgrounds.

All of the primary colors are included, plus purple and pink. These sheets have the weight of about two pieces of copy paper, making it rigid without being overly so.

It’s marvelous for drawing, cutting, pasting, making holiday cards, or even paper airplanes. Being slightly larger than the standard piece of copy paper is useful since it helps to eliminate waste that the larger may.

Can you print on construction paper? Sure! Make some flyers that won’t fly away. Print on lighter colored paper with black ink, and remember to change the printer setting to accommodate heavier paper.

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rainbow-super-value-construction-papaerRainbow Super Value Construction Paper, 9 x 12 Inches, Assorted Colors, 500 Count (6555) by Rainbow

This packet of construction paper is every mom’s dream. With 500 sheets of assorted colors, the kids will never run out of things to make with construction paper as they transfer their imagination onto paper.

The colors include scarlet, black, orange, brown, pink, blue, sky blue, holiday green, yellow and white in equal proportions. It’s lightweight, so it’s excellent practice for little one with their first pair of scissors.

Since it has the same substance as two pieces of copy paper put together, it allows for some movement. Arts and crafts using construction paper with this weight and color variety such as papier Mache projects, Valentine Day hearts, crayon coloring, confetti, making paper snowflakes, curl strips of paper for cat whiskers, or weaving pieces together to make Celtic knots.

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pacon-creative-products-heavyweight-construction-paparPacon Creative Products Heavyweight Construction Paper, Value Mega Pack, 648 Sheets by Pacon

You’ll never run out of things to make with construction paper with this mega value pack of heavyweight acid-free paper that contains 12 popular colors of red, black, green, brown, yellow, dark and light blue, orange, purple, pink, beige, white.

Since the paper has a higher amount of solidity, it works well for heavier projects that use higher amounts of glue, markers, and projects that require paper that’s a bit stiffer than the norm.

It folds nicely when used as a get-well card, cuts smoothly, and has a nice texture for writing or coloring on. It’s school-grade quality and source-certified through the Sustainable Forestry Initiative so no worries about hurting the environment as you enjoy creating a myriad of arts and crafts using construction paper

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pacon-tru-ray-construction-paperTru-Ray Sulphite Construction Paper, 12 x 18 Inches, Assorted Colors, 50 Count (103063) by Tru-Ray

Made with 76 lb. stock, this paper is 100% vat-dyed sulphite. The sheets are fade resistant so the colors stay brighter longer, even in sunlight.

The fibers are longer than regular construction paper which makes them more durable. Fold, curl, or score them, and they won’t crack or tear. Each sheet is acid-free and made of mostly recycled fiber.

There are only 50 sheets in this pack, but this type of construction paper is not for the average craft project. This is for the more adult things you can do with construction paper such as paper sculptures, scrapbooking, or as a background for laminating a poster.

While the color selection varies to contain the most common colors, there is no gray or purple included.

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Fun things to make out of construction paper

There’s an endless array of things to make out of construction paper – all-occasion cards, posters, and even Halloween masks. Why buy expensive pre-made items when you can pamper your budget and make your own while having fun?

Teachers and homeschooling moms need to motivate their children’s imagination through creative art. Invest in the Pacon Creative Products Heavyweight Construction Paper Value Mega Pack and get the most for your money.

This school-grade paper can withstand the extensive wear and tear children dish out as they cut, glue, fold, draw, and scribble on this heavy duty paper. It’s safe for them, and safe for the environment.

For the more mature projects, maybe try the Tru-Ray Sulphite Construction Paper packet. The fade-resistant sheets are as construction paper for adults who just needs a smaller packet of heavier paper for a more definitive type of project like scrapbooking or decorative wall art.