Which is the best cutting mat for crafts?

cutting-mat-crafty-world5 of the best hobby cutting mats – self healing 

Protect your work table and counter tops from cuts, nicks, and grooves left behind as you sliced and diced your way through your various craft projects. By using a self-healing mat, all that damage is alleviated. But which is the best cutting mat for your craftwork?

What is a self healing cutting mat?

A self-healing mat absorbs the cuts and grooves made by knives and rotary blades without incurring any of the actual damage.

When a cut is inflicted upon the mat, it automatically reseals itself and returns to its original non-blemished state. Quilting, sewing, scrap booking, jewelry making, and other activities that require precise cutting can benefit from these mats while your tabletop is comfortably protected.

We have researched the 5 best cutting mat brands based upon customer reviews and our own practical use of the products:

crafty world best cutting matCrafty World Pro Quality Cutting Mat 9×12″

No matter if you’re using rotary cutters or straight blades, this mat helps to increase the life of the blades as it protects the hard surface underneath.

It’s flexible, yet stiff so it won’t shift during use. The printed grid-like markings provide precise ruler numbers with graduated 1/8 inch measurements. Throughout the grid are various common cutting angles used when cutting materials for sewing, quilts, paper, or other detailed cutting.

The measurement grid is printed on both sides so the life of the mat is practically doubled. Instructions for cleaning and caring for the mat are included.

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alvin-cutting-mats-green-blackAlvin Cutting Mats  Self Healing Green and Black 12×18″

While this mat is double sided, one side is green and the other black. Both are marked with the measurement grid, so it’s completely reversible. The grid has 45 and 60 degree angle guides, and a vertical and horizontal ruler on each edge.

Made from high-quality vinyl composite, the medium-tooth surface can withstand cuts from all types of blades without any terminal damage. Cut photos, paper, or material, and it stays put. It won’t scratch or break, and doesn’t dull the cutting blades.

It doesn’t roll up for storage, but when you’re done, just use the premade hole to hang it up until next time.

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US-Art-supply-green-black-cutting-matUS Art Supply 24″ x 36″ GREEN/BLACK Professional Self Healing Hobby Cutting Mat 

This reversible self-healing mat is made of 5-ply material and comes in various colors.

Its 3mm thick PVC mat has a grid printed on both sides containing 45 and 60 degree angles and 1/8 inch marks for easy alignment. Incorporated into the design are diagonal cutting lines, an anti-glare surface, and a non-slip construction.

The Alvin mat works extremely well for cutting and measuring large pieces of fabric or foam board. Because it’s thick, it won’t roll up or let the blade slip through if you press too hard. You won’t have to worry about your Exacto knife leaving marks behind or accidentally piercing through the mat.

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friskars-self-healing-rotorary-cutting-matFiskars 24X36′ Self Healing Rotary Cutting Mat 

As with the other self-healing mats we’ve described, this mat is also reversible and has its grid printed on both sides. The ruler markings are bold and easy to see. The grid has the ruler measurements that other mats have, but there are also 30-, 45- and 60-degree bias lines.

Why are they important? Because they make creating triangle and star shapes much easier. It’s a large mat so it’s ideal for cutting full-width fabric pieces straight off of the bolt.

Quilters and sewers will enjoy using the Friskers self healing cutting mat that allows you to lay large pieces of material flat and the much-need and various angles for precision cutting. When done, hang it up for easy storage.

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EK-Tools-self-healing-cutting-matEK tools Self Healing Mat, New Package

While protecting your tabletop from cuts and damage, this mat has all the qualities of other mats plus it boasts of an all-encompassing grid that has inch and metric system measurement markings on all four sides of the mat.

Measurements are clearly marked, and there is a set of diamond measurements in the center of the mat to make cutting patterns a bit easier. It’s perfect for cutting 12 x 12 inch paper or fabric.

The most commonly used measurements are bolded for quick identification. The mat is approximately 1/8 inch thick and ready to heal itself from any cuts inflicted upon it. Its soft rubber-like feel makes it comfortable to use while it rigidity keeps the edges from curling up.

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So which is the best cutting mat for your craftwork?

Self-healing mats are amazing tools that should be in every crafter’s inventory. Quilters (or crafters who need extra-large cutting space) can truly benefit from the Self Healing Rotary Cutting Mat by Fiskars. Yes the Friskers cutting mat is large and enough to handle those giant bolts of fabric, but it also keeps your work surface damage-free while allowing you to accomplish definitive and precision cutting. So if it’s a large self healing cutting mat that you need this is probably the one for you.

The best cutting mat for a smaller project is the Crafty World Pro Quality Cutting Mat, which fits nicely on a desktop or kitchen table but still provides the same protection as the larger self-healing mats. Big or small, these mats were meant to save the beauty of your tabletop and increase the longevity of your work surface without dulling your cutting blades.

With one of these self-healing mats, you can concentrate on creating and cutting your craft project and not on the amount of damage you’re inflicting upon your work station.

Warning! – Due to the types of materials used to create self-healing mats, there may be some concern of the toxicity levels and possible carcinogens being used in the chemical composition of the mats. There may be a strong odor when first opened, but it dissipates within a few hours. If you’re concerned with the potential toxicity of any product, research the product thoroughly before purchasing.