Which is the best hot glue gun for crafting?

best hot glue gun for crafting5 best rated glue guns for crafts

Every household should have some type of hot glue gun. It’s the perfectly portable way to use melted adhesive to join two items together.

Squeeze the trigger, and the glue stick is pulled through, melted, and fed through the nozzle.

Its versatility lets you repair a picture frame, re-attach an eyeball to a doll, or glue flowers to a foam wreath. It’s quick drying, and better than super glue in some cases.

It provides a similarly strong adhesive, but it’s much easier to remove if you make a mistake.

But out of all the brands available what is the best hot glue gun for crafting? We’ll tell you what to look for so you can find the right one.

surebonder-mini-glue-gun-kitSurebonder DT-200KIT Mini Dual Temperature Glue Gun with 12 x 4″ All Purpose Glue Sticks Kit by Surebonder

Bundled in this starter kit is a mini dual temperature gun and 12 hot glue sticks, each measuring four inches long. It’s compatible with various other standard glue sticks of either four or 10 inches in length.

Made of plastic, it’s lightweight and easy to grip without burning your palm. Plug it in, insert the hot glue stick, pull the trigger, and melted glue is easily deposited and controlled.

The higher temperature setting should be used for wood, ceramics, metals, or plastic while the lower temperature is perfect for more delicate things like adding lace to a thin material, ribbon, foam boards, or foil.

There’s also a tiny metal kickstand that props it up when not in use.

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ccbetter-mini-glue-gunCCbetter Mini Hot Glue Gun kit with 25 pcs Melt Glue Sticks  (20-watt) 

With 25 hot glue sticks included, you’ll be repairing everything in the house, garage, and office with this glue gun.

It has a higher temperature setting, so it’s ideal for use on more tenacious materials like metal, leather, glass, and wood.

It’s safe to use even with a higher temperature because the nozzle is insulated to prevent hot glue gun burns.

Each glue stick is 10 inches long, and the gun has a trigger propulsion device to control the flow of the glue to help prevent waste.

There is an on/off switch and an LED indicator light, so you know when it’s working. If you need to set it down for a second, flip out the safety stand.

It has only one temperature setting, so it may not be the best hot glue gun for those more delicate items. But it’s great for tougher tasks such as gluing carpet splits back together or fixing the screen door.

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martha-stewart-hot-glue-gunMartha Stewart Crafts Glue Gun And Sticks by Martha Stewart Crafts

This lightweight little gadget boasts dual temperature settings so it can handle gluing leather, lace, pipe cleaners, and paper.

Included are seven white (clear) and five black hot glue sticks. It’s a bit on the smaller side, so if you have petite hands you’ll be able to get a firm grip. The smaller size could also make it the best hot melt glue gun for a child or teenager assembling crafts for school.

The kickstand is easily flipped out for it to perch on while it’s stationary, and it comes with a silicone drip pad to catch any excess glue that might slip out when not in use.

The temperature reaches 400 degrees (hotter than boiling water), so avoid hot glue gun burns by never touching the nozzle while in use, and always supervise the children when using it.

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surebonder-H-195-mini-detailed-glue-gunSurebonder H-195 Mini Detailed Glue Gun by Surebonder

This mini glue gun also has the dual temperature feature which gives it flexible usability.

The on/off switch is located under the glue stick insertion point and clearly visible. A tiny power light indicates that it’s on, the nozzle is insulated to handle the higher temperatures (up to 400 degrees), and the auxiliary stand is detachable.

The nozzle has an extended tapered tip so it can produce a more defined line, approximately 1/8 inch thick, of glue for more accuracy and control with tiny projects.

Because of the longer nozzle, it may be the best glue gun for crafts that require more detailed work such as beading or adding yarn to a doll thus creating hair.

It can use four-inch or 10-inch glue sticks interchangeably, but none are included with the purchase of the gun.

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surebonder-HE-50-high-temperature-glue-gunLightSurebonder HE-750 High Temperature Professional Glue Gun – 80 Watts by Surebonder

The professional do-it-yourselfer may find this gun to be the best hot glue gun for crafting all of those tougher projects.

It heats up twice as fast as full-sized guns, has an ergonomic four-finger trigger that requires less pressure (which means less finger fatigue), and the nozzles are interchangeable (also sold separately).

The higher temperature means it’s great for gluing things that need a stronger bond, such as an outdoor wreath that will also have to withstand adverse weather conditions.

It uses standard hot glue sticks, but unfortunately none are included. Pop out the metal kickstand to prop it up when not in use.

If you’re worried about it toppling over, a detachable gun stand which provides added stability is sold separately.

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cc-better-glue-gunWhat is the best hot glue gun for crafting?

It comes down to what temperature setting you need.

The best glue gun for crafts consisting of heavier material or outside projects is one that has a higher temperature, such as the LightSurebonder HE-750. The interchangeable nozzles let you work on a myriad of different types of projects.

But if your child is creating a collection of foam bugs with googley eyes and pipe cleaner legs, the best hot glue gun for this delicate operation may be the Martha Stewart Crafts Glue Gun since it can fit well in their hands, and it has both temperature settings to cover all the bases. Plus it comes with a package of glue sticks so there’s no waiting to get started.