Crochet kits for beginners

crocher-kitsCrochet Kits review – 5 highly rated crochet starter kits 

Learning how to crochet isn’t difficult if you start off with the appropriate toolset. Having the right beginning crochet supplies and instructions creates the foundation for learning a skill that’s both relaxing and enjoyable. Finding the right crochet starter kit from the many crochet kits on the market will get you on your way to becoming a master crafter in no time.

tender-heart-ultimate-crochet-kitsTenderHeart Shop Ultimate Crochet Kit, Blue by TenderHeart Shop

The first item on the list in a crochet starter kit is a hook. Purchasing them individually is more costly than buying in bulk. The guesswork is eliminated with kits that offer crochet hook cases that already have the basic sizes and supplies you’ll need.

An assortment of 12 lightweight aluminum hooks are neatly displayed in a trifold, blue and white, fabric case that zips shut to ensure nothing slips out. Each hook slips easily into its allotted notch and comes with a plastic cap to cover the tips. The brightly colored handles make the sizes easily identifiable.

A protective flap then covers them for added security. In addition to the hooks, there are other supplies included that beginners need: a row counter, measuring tape, scissors, and more.

The hooks sizes are labeled in millimeters, but a U.S. size chart is included as well as a free eBook that contains instructions and patterns.

While it’s ideal for those who are beginning crochet, it’s also great for an experienced crocheter or as a replacement supply kit since no yarn is included.

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Ergonomic-Crochet-Hooks-with-Grips,Crochet-Hook-setsErgonomic Crochet Hooks with Grips by WooCrafts

Repeating the same motion over and over may not seem fun to some people, but it actually is quite beneficial. The repetition of a particular movement of the fingers releases serotonin which is a natural anti-depressant.

Crafting keeps the mind and hands occupied, keeping depression at bay. But fingers get fatigued. That doesn’t mean you have to stop crocheting. There are nine aluminum hooks in the kit that combat finger fatigue because the handles have ergonomic rubber comfort grips. The tips are rounded to avoid snagging the yarn which can be frustrating.

Sizes are numbered and color coded plus the hooks are shaped to be more comfortable than ordinary hooks which may cause aches and pains with extended use. The rollup canvas case is designed with 10 slots plus four wider slots to store other supplies.

Although no yarn is included, it’s a wonderfully inexpensive beginner crochet kit. It can also be the perfect gift for someone more seasoned in the art who wants to add to their tool box.

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HOUSWEETY-Mixed-Aluminum-Handle-Crochet-Hook-Knitting-Knit-Needle-Weave-Yarn-Set2HOUSWEETY Crochet Set 

It may sound crazy, but crocheting can actually boost self-esteem because it provides a sense of accomplishment and pride when you create something by hand.

Those angry teenagers can positively express themselves by bringing their ideas to life. They’ll feel a boost in usefulness and productivity just from learning how to crochet as they create a new scarf or a pair of mittens.

Give the gift of beginner crochet supplies as they learn a new skill with the 10 color-coded aluminum hooks, 12 silver needles, and a myriad of other supplies all methodically placed inside a handsome zippered case. The sizes are in millimeters, so you’ll have to convert them to American measurement.

No yarn is included either, but for the economical price of this kit can’t be beat.

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LIHAO-22pcs-Mixed-Aluminum-Handle-Crochet-Hooks-Knitting-Knit-Needles-Weave-Yarn-SetLIHAO 22pcs Mixed Aluminum Handle Crochet Hooks Yarn Set by LIHAO

Insomniacs need something to help them forget that they can’t sleep. Crocheting provides those soft, soothing, easy, and repetitive movements that help your body and mind relax enough to invite sleep. Crochet hook cases store essential supplies that can fit nicely in a small table or bedside drawer. This purple leather zip case holds 22 colored and numbered aluminum hooks for easy size identification.

Whether given as a beginner crochet gift or to keep for yourself, this kit has everything except the yarn. So for those long and sleepless night when your mind just won’t quit thinking, whip out a hook and let your hands be productive as your body starts winding down.

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dragonfly-corner-easy-beginning-crochet-setDragonfly Corner Easy Beginning Crochet Kit Complete Ebook, Crochet Hooks, Yarn, Videos, Accessories & Bonus Tote Bag

For the beginner this is a great crochet kit as it includes a free e-book and video link with step by step illustrated instructions in addition to everything you will need to start.  

There are 12 aluminium crochet hooks, three yarn balls, stitch counter, yarn needle,stitch spreader all contained in a tote bag. The kit also comes with free patterns which completes the full inventory of what you will need with instruction, crochet tools and materials and patterns.

The Dragonfly crochet kit is highly rated in customer reviews and makes a great starter kit.

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LIHAO-22pcs-Mixed-Aluminum-Handle-Crochet-Hooks-Knitting-Knit-Needles-Weave-Yarn-Set2Which are the best crochet sets to start with?

Investing in beginner crochet supplies can be more beneficial than some realize. It’s an activity that can be done in almost any age group without alot of money or effort. And it’s not always necessary to get  crochet kits with yarn. The hooks are probably the most important tool needed.

Experienced crafters may just want a spare kit, or maybe you’ve decided to put those excess yarn balls from Grandma’s attic to use. The most inexpensive way to do that is with the LIHAO 22pcs Mixed Aluminum crochet starter kit. With 22 hooks in various sizes, you can create any type of stitch a pattern calls for while keeping them organized and safe in a quality carrying case.

But if you’re looking for everything plus a bit more, try the Dragonfly Corner Easy Beginning Crochet Kit. It’s a bit pricier but contains a bunch of supplies that the other kits don’t.

Because it consists of repetitive and mindless motions, it induces relaxation, promotes muscle memory, and can reduce irritability since it provides an outlet for stress. So grab a ball of yarn, relax, destress and you’ll have everything you need to get started!

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