sewing project kits for beginners

sewing project kits hand sewing image5 of the best rated Sewing project kits for kids and adults

Not everyone can find the time or money to visit a tailor. But finding (and mastering) needle and thread can feel overwhelming. Whether you prefer Singer sewing kits or sewing project kits for beginners, you can make your own repairs at home or mend an outfit on the go.   Avoid boredom by investing in sewing project kits for adults so you can work on your embroidery during your morning commute.

Here are 5 top rated sewing project kits that are ideal for a multitude of sewing tasks.

Singer Vintage Sewing Basket with Sewing project Kits Accessories2Singer Vintage Sewing Basket by Singer

Keeping your supplies neatly organized in one place will save time so you can spend more time sewing rather than searching for supplies.

This Singer sewing project kit has all the basic tools for a simple stitch, sewing a zipper, or stitching a hem. Scissors, pins, thread, needles, thimbles and more are all included.

Singer Vintage Sewing Basket sewing project kitsThe basket sports a nostalgic look with its vintage style and convenient carrying handle. It’s compact enough to tote around yet large enough to store your necessities. Open it up, and the sturdy removable plastic tray boasts four one-inch-deep compartments to store essentials. Underneath is a deeper area for storing material scraps, accessories, and other small incidentals.

If you’re searching for sewing project kits for beginners, this kit is cute, functional, inexpensive, and comes with free sewing help at the company website.

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Professional Sewing project Kit With Leather CaseProfessional Sewing Supplies Kit With Leather Case by Back2Basics

You’re walking into a meeting and notice a button popped off your blouse. What do you do? This affordable kit will save the day.

Thread, needles, thimble, seam ripper, scissors, and more fit into this compact kit so it goes where you go. Containing over 60 tools neatly laid out inside a portable leather case. This is one of the most perfect sewing project kits for beginners, an emergency kit to keep at the office, or in the glove box.

Don’t stress about your child ripping her cheerleading outfit during a game. Grab this kit out of your purse, and stitch it up. Avoid the unavoidable catastrophes by being prepared.

It was created to have the largest amount of functionality you could ask for in as little space as possible. Send the kids off to college with this functional and inexpensive portable mini-sewing kit! Let them learn to manage their own wardrobe malfunctions with this handy set.

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Professional Sewing project Kit Best Professional Sewing Project Kits – Retractable Tape Measure & Premium Sewing Supplies – by My Nimble Craft

Excellent for traveling or minor sewing projects. This premium sewing project kit for beginners can take the grunt work out of mending. It’s compact, stylish, and comes with a free eBook of sewing patterns.

Professional Sewing project Kit book imageThe case is designed to securely zip closed to protect all of the included supplies (needles, thread, seam ripper, measuring tape, thimbles, and more). Each item has its individual elastic band to secure it in place.

It’s a convenient travel-sized kit and perfect as a gift for any age or skill level. Sewing craft kits for adults can be expensive and cumbersome. But by being portable yet compact, this kit packs quite a few supplies and can be kept at home for craft projects or in the car for quick and simple mends.

Kids will enjoy creating little craft projects with you at home or at school. While it’s professionally embroidered case gives it a bit of flare, it’s inexpensive enough to let the kids use it at school.

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LiLiSew Hand Sewing project Kit Compact LiLiSew Hand Sewing Kit Compact with Notions, Supplies, Accessories for Beginners

Sewing project kits for beginners don’t have to be flimsy or lacking in supplies. With 65 pieces of sewing paraphernalia for less than $10, adults and children alike will love this kit.

The nylon case zippers all the way around as it securely encases all of the supplies without threatening their organization.

Mimicking a CD case, this plethora of sewing supplies is neatly packed and ready to come to your rescue anywhere. On business trips, at the office, during a camping trip, or backstage during your child’s recital.

The lifetime warranty makes it an even better deal. Stitching, sewing, hemming, and emergency fashion fixes can all be rectified with the sewing components in this compact kit.

The scissors are a bit larger and higher quality than other portable kits. It contains a larger variety of colored thread, and a full-sized 60-inch measuring tape is a major bonus.

There’s an elastic band to secure each item, but the buttons may be difficult to keep organized. An option could be to slip them into a Ziploc bag and tuck them back into their designated sleeve.

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Wise hands Household Multi functional Sewing project kit Box SetWisehands Household Multi-functional Sewing Box Set

Good things come in small packages, and this sewing project kit for adults is a prime example. Even teenagers will appreciate the versatility of this sewing box.

Rather than a cloth case, it’s made of durable hard plastic that efficiently organizes sewing and crafting supplies in one place. Removable compartments lets you grab what you need quickly.

Each bin has adjustable dividers to accommodate your size preferences. Other sewing craft kits for adults don’t usually allow such customization options.

While it holds a large amount of supplies, it’s compact enough to fit in a suitcase. Snap it closed, and tuck it in your back pack or briefcase. A beginner teen or adult who needs some basic sewing and crafting supplies will love this kit for home, school, or vacation.

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Sewing project Kit Compact demo imageConclusion

Attending a sewing club with your friends or enjoying a quiet evening sitting at home by the fireplace as you stitch a blanket for your new grandchild.  They all require one thing – sewing kits. They’re not just handy. They’re a necessity.

The Back2Basics compact sewing fits even the tiniest budget so that you’re prepared for emergencies at the office or on a business trip.

But if you miss the way Grandma used to do it with her singer sewing kit, the Singer Vintage Sewing Basket has that old fashioned feel.  Old fashioned maybe but with all the modern sewing accessories included for a great price.