Washi Tape ideas

Washy Tape ideas red yellow tape mageWashi tape ideas – what can you use it for?

Here are some washi tape ideas that I have picked up on the net.  The majority are from an excellent short video on youtube by Makoccino’s (see in full at the end of this article).

Washi originates from Japan and the name is derived from wa (Japan) and shi (paper) – literally ‘Japanese paper’. Washi tape  is  a roll or sticky tape made of rice paper which consists of very strong fibres.  The rolls can vary in width and length and can come in thousands of different colourful patterns.  

Washi tape is stunning to look at and has many different uses in arts and crafts.  It is a very adaptable material and can be torn, repositioned and written on.  It has a very low tactile adhesive which is extremely forgiving when you have to make small adjustments.

Here are a handful of the hundreds of uses of this versatile and highly appealing decorative tape.  Wash tape can put the icing on the cake to many projects giving a highly professional finish.

Tea candle decoration


Brighten up any team candle by adding a small strip around the metal part of the tea candle.

washy tape ideas candles full set

By using different washi tape patterns you can make up an interesting and colourful selection of tea lights

Washi tape to brighten up your hair clips


Put some added pizzazz into those boring metal wait clips with a creative washi tape design.  the beauty is that because the washi tape adhesive is of a low tactile consistency you can easily change the design at any time.  Just peel off a length of tape, cut to size and fold around the clip – easy peasy!!!

hair clip washy tape ideas image

Jazz up your pencils with washi tape


Take a length of washi tape laying it adhesive side up…


Carefully roll your pencils to wrap the tape in place…

pencil washi tape ideas

…and with a bit of smoothing out you have transformed your bland old pencil into an eye catching work of art!

Convert large paper clips into simple book markers with washi tape


This is a very simple but effective way to create easy book markers.  

A small length of your chosen wash tape pattern wrapped through a large paper clip.  Literally takes seconds.  You can also vary the clip colors to make it stand out even more.

book mark washy tape

Washi tape cards 


In this example cut out a hear shape and use it as a template.  place strips of washi tape across the heart design and trim…

card making 2 wash tape ideas

Glue the heart to the front of the card and its transformed in an instant!

Washi tape to create borders for a simple photo picture frame


Take your photo and glue it to card allowing about an inch border.  Then add a washi tape trim around the photo…


Add a simple spring clip…


…and your favourite photo can take pride of place on the wall!

Spice up glass jars with washi tape


Add strips of washi tape around the circumference of the jar…


Adding several patterns can create a really nice effect.    Jars can be used for almost anything such as a vase or to hold pasta but look even better with a washi tape design!


Add a colourful washi tape trim to furniture


Plain old self assembly shelves and cupboards can be brightened up simply by adding some wash tape.  The great thing is that the low tactile properties of the tape allows you to remove it easily should you wish.


Tune up your journal page dividers with washi tape!

file-index-washi-tape Cover each tab with different washi tape designs.  The beauty of the tape is that you can write on it!

Washi tape crafts – a great asset to your artwork!

This was just a small sample of mini projects that I found on Makoccino’s you tube video (watch the full video below).  There is a lot more you can do to add and embellish your creative craft work. You could also use it for:

  • Brightening up textbook covers for school
  • Making storage containers more appealing
  • Add mini flags to drinks straws
  • washi tape keyboard for your computer
  • Make a pattern on your mobile phone cover
  • Washi tape to add pattern to a door edge
  • Colourful twist ties for cellophane wrapped presents
  • Spice up bland looking thumb tacks 
  • Color co-ordinate the ends of electrical leads
  • Turn a switch plate into a work of art

This is just the tip of the iceberg as washi tape art is so diverse and bountiful that it would take a book or two to dive into every aspect.

Here is the complete video by Makoccino on YouTube with some great washi tape ideas